Meet our Intern Mao!

Hello every one,

My name is Mao, I am a new intern at EC Los Angeles!!
I am a student at the University in Japan. My major is Education, with a focus on English teaching. The reason why I’m majoring in that is when I graduate I intend on becoming an English teacher in Japan. I thought that this will be a good opportunity to improve my English but also I could gain insight into how English is taught in America.

I chose EC Los Angeles because of the location and its diversity. I love how LA has warm nice weather throughout the year and has a beautiful beach. The great part about EC LA is that I can enjoy both of them:) I’m also in love with LA because it is a very diverse city. I get to know people from around the world even though I’m not in EC!

Even though I’ve only been here for 2weeks, I already Love working at EC Los Angeles 🙂

I will be in EC LA for 8 months so come see me at the Front desk and I would love to help you out!!


Me at the famous “Paul Smith” wall

Find more about Mao’s favorite los angeles english schools here