Student’s Experience at ECLA: Lorenzo from Italy

EC Los Angeles offers ESL classes and courses with level from beginner to proficiency, as well as test preparation programs for Cambridge and TOEFL exams. Here, our former Student Ambassador, Lorenzo Mennini, from Italy shares his experience as an ESL student with us. He studied at EC Los Angeles for three months, he has done wonderful Job as Student Ambassador.   Can you please tell us your favorite memory from your studying at EC? “My first day when they bring us outside to show us the Santa Monica beach and the pier and I met my best friend Martin. He joined with me doing the ambassador program. We had a good time together. It was cool this time in EC school because I met a lot of people and I improved my English I think.” What was the one thing that you learned while you were studying at EC? “I mean before I didn’t speak any English so I learned a lot o English I think. Now I can communicate with people and do a lot of things more you know?   How do you think improved? What were your methods for improving your English while you were in Los Angeles? “My methods for improve? Okay. Go in the class every day because it’s important to study the grammar, it’s really important. But it’s also important to meet people and speak with them because you can improve your English. So have party, study and meet people! This is my advice! ”           Thank you Lorenzo, for sharing your Experience here and we hope you will come back soon! If you want to Study English in LA and improve your English like Lorenzo, click here and learn more about EC Los Angeles!

Afternoon free class:Pronunciation Clinic

ESL students have a lot to learn, such as Grammar, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. However, students who can speak fluent English sometimes found difficulty communicating in English because of pronunciation. EC Los Angeles has the perfect class for students having trouble improving their pronunciation. Pronunciation Clinic This afternoon, EC Los Angeles had a class for students called “Pronunciation Clinic”. As the name of the class, this class is to improve students’ pronunciation. Students learn different topics about pronunciation in each class. This day, they learned about the pronunciation difference between Short oo and Long oo such as “Book and Food”, “Cook and Moon” Other contents that they learned during the class on the day was Rhyming words. They learned what “Rhyme” means and the words that rhyme. We have two different teachers teaching Pronunciation Clinic so students can pick their favorite teaching methods and topics that they would like to learn. Ask a Teacher Anything EC Los Angeles also offer student another free class called “Ask a Teacher Anything”. As the name explains itself, students can ask anything about their homework, questions about English, Where to go shopping, and etc.  This class will help students to get more help easily and get to know about the teacher more.   If you are looking for Courses of English in LA, EC will be the perfet school for you. EC Los Angeles offers you ESL classes and courses with level from beginner to proficiency as well as test preparation programs for Cambridge and IELTS exams. Click here to learn more about EC Los Angeles!

EC LA Class activity

Fun Class activity at the Beach

  Sometimes our teachers at EC Los Angeles like to take students outside of the classroom and exploration around our neighbor with them. Sometimes teachers go a small trip to the farmers market, beach and some other places. Since EC Los Angeles is 5 minutes walk to the beach, all of our students, teachers, and staff love to go there.     Learn and have fun at the same time On this day, one of our teachers invited his class to the beach. They studied English while they playing beach volleyball, and enjoying the nice warm weather.  Taking students out of the classroom helps students and teachers to get to know more about each other,  and to relax. Sometimes, students find difficult to speak English in their class because they are afraid of making mistakes, but this kind of class activity will help students to study English more frankly, and they can have fun talking to their classmates.   Check out our Students Ambassador, Hiro has to say about his class: “We went to Santa Monica beach to play beach volleyball because it was Friday! Happy Friday, yes. It was good experience because we could feel beautiful weather in LA with awesome classmates and great teacher!” -Student Ambassador, Hiro(Japan)-   Are you looking for English Schools in LA? Learn more about EC Los Angeles here, and contact us 🙂    

Los Angeles Sunset

Student’s Experience at ECLA: “Every moment in LA is unforgettable!!!”

One of our past students from Japan, Shunsuke Tooyama, shared his great experience as an EC student. He started at the Elementary level, and ended in Advanced/Proficiency in less than 1 year – what an incredible accomplishment he was able to achieve!   What was your experience like when you first arrived in LA? How did things change throughout your time here? “I was so nervous and scared a little bit when I arrived in LA because I didn’t have any confidence in my English skills and couldn’t speak English well. For example, I couldn’t order what I wanted to eat in a restaurant. However, I was inspired by the students in EC who tried to talk with foreign people. As time went by, I had become to like speaking before I was aware of that. Eventually, I managed to move up to advance class!!!!!”   What led to your success? Any specific study habits or life skills? “I have a dream that is to be an English teacher in Japan. I tried not to forget it during my study abroad. I sometimes studied on my own after school or weekend. When I didn’t feel doing that, I usually hung out with my friends.”   What was your favorite thing about the EC teaching method? Your favorite thing about ECLA in general? “EC has 8 level classes. It’s very comfortable and important for students I think. In addition to it, EC has elective classes that we can choose what we want to study like grammar, vocabulary, talking, listening etc…. I really liked it. Furthermore, most of the students like the location of EC!!! “   What is your favorite memory of your time in LA? “I can’t choose. Every moment in LA is unforgettable!!! I mean I enjoyed every day. If I … Read more

Class Outing: Refugee Exhibition

A Unique Way to Learn The classes at EC are some of the best — unique, engaging, and inspirational. Check out this post by Student Ambassador, Yaël (Switzerland), where she explains a class outing that was both educational and moving! Exhibition “The classes at EC are always interesting and fun, especially the interactive lessons we have from time to time. Recently, we had a very special occasion which was more serious and also really moving. We went to an exhibition about refugees next to the Santa Monica Pier, hosted by Doctors Without Borders. The organisation offered residents a free 1h-tour to get an impression of what kind of procedure refugees have to go through when leaving their country. Gaining Perspective To get a feeling what it is like to be a refugee, they handed out cards to all of us, giving us new identities from different countries with hard conditions. After that, we had 30 seconds to grab some items we want to take with us on the flight. The tour was divided in several stations where they explained some aspects of the flight more detailed. E.g. while we were sitting on a real rubber boat they told us that smugglers put 60-80 humans on boats like that made for 8 people. Or that they sell expensive life jackets to the families which are in fact made of cardboard and work like an anchor once they’re soaked with water. We also learned more about the conditions in the camps and the different diseases which are likely to outbreak when the hygiene is insufficient. I personally was impressed by the simple system the doctors use to help malnourished children. With a paper wristband they identify the level of undernourishment. If the wristband can be tightened to the red zone, the child … Read more

Wednesday Word of the Day: Global Warming

  Global Warming noun  Definition: A gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth’s atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, CFCs, and other pollutants. As the years go by, each summer in the West coast (Best coast!) becomes hotter and more unbearable to walk outside without feeling like you just stepped into a sauna. Reports tell us there will be a rise in temperature in the coming years and a rise in sea levels due to the melting ice caps in the Arctic. Global Warming is not a good thing, but while it’s hot, it is the perfect time to head over to the beach in Santa Monica or Newport and enjoy the beautiful ocean breezes. Don’t forget your 100 SPF sunscreen! Each following year in the 2000s has been the warmest in history. This means, 2001 was hotter than 2000, 2002 was hotter than 2001 etc. That is when we question the major effects of global warming and how the giant, gaping hole in our ozone is critical to the earth’s future and its organisms. Some causes of global warming include burning fossil fuels, forest destruction, and methane released from landfills and agriculture. 2015 was recognized as the hottest year ever. 2016 may take first place this year! Did you enjoy today’s Word of the Day? Want to learn ESL in Los Angeles? Visit ECLA today!

Learn tips on English grammar!

Grain of Grammar: Play, Go, Do!

  Hello everyone! Welcome back to Grain of Grammar! Since the weather is getting nicer, we are going to talk about a grammar point that we can use every day when we go outside! Let’s talk about the difference between PLAY / GO / DO for sports!   What sports do we use the verb “play”? Basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer What sports do we use the verb “go”? Swimming, hiking, fishing, golfing, running What sports do we use the verb “do”? karate, exercise, yoga, aerobics Can you see the difference? • Play is used for sports played in a group or team • Go is used for sports that end in –ing • Do is used for sports played by yourself or not in a team   In this table there is a list of sports and activities that collocate with these verbs:  Next time you invite your friends to go outside, ask them “Do you want to play volleyball or go swimming?”   Looking for English Language Courses in the USA? Visit EC Los Angeles today! Follow us on Facebook!

Learn tips on English grammar!

Grain of Grammar: Future Forms

It is time for another “Grain of Grammar” lesson! These short posts help clarify some of the most frequently-made mistakes in the English language. Whether you are an ESL student learning English in USA for the first time or a native English speaker, we hope you find these quick tips useful. Today we will be discussing future forms: “Will + base form” or “going to”? Students are always very confused by these two forms of the future, he is the trick: “Will” is used for future plans you’d like and “going to” is used for future plans you are pretty certain are going to happen. For example: “I will have children one day” is something I know I want (plan) but not sure when it will happen or if it will happen at all. “I’m going to go to school this summer”  I already applied or paid and I know for sure this is happening. But like every part of English there are exceptions! For example, if you see someone that needs help and you decide you are going to help them you don’t say: “I’m going to help you” –  this we would use if we are planning on helping them later on. But instead you use: “I will help you” because in this case it means that you volunteer to do so. To leave you on a sweet note also think of that fact that we say “I will love you” not “I’m going to love you” <3   Looking for a Los Angeles English Center? Visit ECLA today! Follow us on Facebook!

A marine layer creates fog!

Wednesday Word of the Day: Marine Layer

2016 is the year for unusual weather in Southern California. In addition to the weather anomaly of El Niño, February had some record high heat and March is turning out to be unseasonably cold. This week, Los Angeles has been covered in a layer of fog, and this is due to today’s Wednesday Word of the Day….   Marine Layer Definition: “A marine layer is a dense mass of cool, moist air that accumulates over the surface of large bodies of water, especially oceans. It is caused by a temperature inversion, meaning that the air close to the ground is colder, rather than warmer, while warm air above presses down on it, preventing it from dissipating.” (source) This marine layer is the cause of all this fog surrounding the city!   Example Sentence: Charlie: “Wow, Larissa, it sure is foggy and cold today!” Larissa: “Yes, Charlie. The Marine Layer is settling in and keeping all the cold air close to us!”   Now you know the Marine Layer definition!

This is one elective you can take at ECLA!

ECLA starts new elective – English in the City!

Two weeks ago, EC Los Angeles rolled out its newest elective – English in the City! In this course taught by two of our wonderful teachers, Ama and Charlene, students learn the practical English knowledge needed to navigate Los Angeles. In this course, students study the different parts of English, from grammar and vocabulary to speaking, reading and presentation skills, all through the context of Los Angeles history. Each week ends with an excursion to a famous place in Los Angeles Country, where students can apply the knowledge they gained through out the week in a practical way.   On Friday of the first weeks, MWF Ama took her students to visit the Venice Canals. Decades ago, this area was know as “The Venice of America”, and was created by a man named Abbot Kinney. If you walk around Venice now, you’ll find a long street full of interesting shops and restaurants named after him!   Take a look at some of the pictures from the trip!       Come visit the EC Los Angeles English Center today!