Photography workshop at EC Los Angeles

At EC Los Angeles, in addition to teaching English, some teachers like to share their passions with their students. Like our great teacher Nita, who took her Intermediate class out on a photography workshop around the school and the beach. Students learned how to take great pictures and added new words, such as shade, open shade, portrait, landscape, pop, flat, full body shot, ¾ shot, patterns, breaking of lines, to their vocabulary. Here are some “behind the scenes” shots:   But students didn’t only learn how to take picture, they also learned how to pose. Here’s a tip, if you’re taking a group picture and there’s too many people and you don’t want them to look like a soccer team 😀 , tell them to turn just a little, they’ll have more space and look more natural 🙂 :         You can check out the final results in our Instagram account: ec_los_angeles and make sure to follow us!       If you want to Study English in LA AND have fun, EC Los Angeles is the right school for you, come see us or visit our website! Have a nice Weekend!!  

Afternoon free class:Pronunciation Clinic

ESL students have a lot to learn, such as Grammar, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. However, students who can speak fluent English sometimes found difficulty communicating in English because of pronunciation. EC Los Angeles has the perfect class for students having trouble improving their pronunciation. Pronunciation Clinic This afternoon, EC Los Angeles had a class for students called “Pronunciation Clinic”. As the name of the class, this class is to improve students’ pronunciation. Students learn different topics about pronunciation in each class. This day, they learned about the pronunciation difference between Short oo and Long oo such as “Book and Food”, “Cook and Moon” Other contents that they learned during the class on the day was Rhyming words. They learned what “Rhyme” means and the words that rhyme. We have two different teachers teaching Pronunciation Clinic so students can pick their favorite teaching methods and topics that they would like to learn. Ask a Teacher Anything EC Los Angeles also offer student another free class called “Ask a Teacher Anything”. As the name explains itself, students can ask anything about their homework, questions about English, Where to go shopping, and etc.  This class will help students to get more help easily and get to know about the teacher more.   If you are looking for Courses of English in LA, EC will be the perfet school for you. EC Los Angeles offers you ESL classes and courses with level from beginner to proficiency as well as test preparation programs for Cambridge and IELTS exams. Click here to learn more about EC Los Angeles!

EC LA Class activity

Fun Class activity at the Beach

  Sometimes our teachers at EC Los Angeles like to take students outside of the classroom and exploration around our neighbor with them. Sometimes teachers go a small trip to the farmers market, beach and some other places. Since EC Los Angeles is 5 minutes walk to the beach, all of our students, teachers, and staff love to go there.     Learn and have fun at the same time On this day, one of our teachers invited his class to the beach. They studied English while they playing beach volleyball, and enjoying the nice warm weather.  Taking students out of the classroom helps students and teachers to get to know more about each other,  and to relax. Sometimes, students find difficult to speak English in their class because they are afraid of making mistakes, but this kind of class activity will help students to study English more frankly, and they can have fun talking to their classmates.   Check out our Students Ambassador, Hiro has to say about his class: “We went to Santa Monica beach to play beach volleyball because it was Friday! Happy Friday, yes. It was good experience because we could feel beautiful weather in LA with awesome classmates and great teacher!” -Student Ambassador, Hiro(Japan)-   Are you looking for English Schools in LA? Learn more about EC Los Angeles here, and contact us 🙂    

Class Outing: Refugee Exhibition

A Unique Way to Learn The classes at EC are some of the best — unique, engaging, and inspirational. Check out this post by Student Ambassador, Yaël (Switzerland), where she explains a class outing that was both educational and moving! Exhibition “The classes at EC are always interesting and fun, especially the interactive lessons we have from time to time. Recently, we had a very special occasion which was more serious and also really moving. We went to an exhibition about refugees next to the Santa Monica Pier, hosted by Doctors Without Borders. The organisation offered residents a free 1h-tour to get an impression of what kind of procedure refugees have to go through when leaving their country. Gaining Perspective To get a feeling what it is like to be a refugee, they handed out cards to all of us, giving us new identities from different countries with hard conditions. After that, we had 30 seconds to grab some items we want to take with us on the flight. The tour was divided in several stations where they explained some aspects of the flight more detailed. E.g. while we were sitting on a real rubber boat they told us that smugglers put 60-80 humans on boats like that made for 8 people. Or that they sell expensive life jackets to the families which are in fact made of cardboard and work like an anchor once they’re soaked with water. We also learned more about the conditions in the camps and the different diseases which are likely to outbreak when the hygiene is insufficient. I personally was impressed by the simple system the doctors use to help malnourished children. With a paper wristband they identify the level of undernourishment. If the wristband can be tightened to the red zone, the child … Read more

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Teacher Feature: Ruby Delgado

Have you ever seen this teacher walking around school? Meet Ruby – one of EC Los Angeles’ energetic teachers! What do you do at EC? I currently teach Elementary, Upper Intermediate, and Grammar in Real Contexts I. What did you do before EC? Before EC, I was traveling and teaching ESL in Chile. Where is your favorite place to visit in LA? My favorite place to visit in LA is definitely the Hollywood Bowl. I love watching the concerts there and you can bring your own food and drinks! Where is your favorite place to eat in LA? I love Porto’s Bakery and Cafe because it has amazing Cuban food and pastries. I also love any Mexican restaurant that serves California Burritos! Why did you choose to work at EC? Working by the beach has its perks. I also really like the diversity of the students and staff here. Do you have any message for future students? Take advantage of every experience that you can! Study, explore, and do something new every day!   Did you enjoy this month’s Teacher Feature? Stop by ECLA to meet some more of our wonderful ESL teachers and take an English course!  

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Meet Tory – Nile Navigator and ESL Teacher!

Tory Sims began teaching at EC Los Angeles last summer in 2014. He is a fun and engaging teacher in the classroom. Find out more about him below! Which classes do you teach? Elementary, Beginner, Intermediate, and Get Talking. What do you like most about teaching? Interacting with the students and helping people achieve their goals. What is your hidden talent? My hidden talent is playing the guitar, but I’m not very good. What is the wildest thing you’ve ever done in your travels around the world? I went on an adventure in the middle of the Nile River at night. What message do you have for potential students? What are you waiting for? Learn more about the ESL courses in Los Angeles, like the ones taught by Tory!

ESL Los Angeles teacher

Meet Ozden – Talented Artist and ESL Teacher!

Ozden Oztopcu started teaching EC Los Angeles at the beginning of 2015. She is a dedicated and kind teacher. Find out more about her below! Which classes do you teach? I teach Upper Intermediate, Advanced, TOEFL, Pre-Advanced, and Get Talking. What do you like most about teaching? What I like most about teaching is interacting with students, learning about new cultures, helping people, just all people in general – students and co-workers, and leaving the day feeling fulfilled. Tell a funny joke! A man walks into a bar and says, “Ouch.” What is your hidden talent? My hidden talent is art of any kind. I’m no Picasso, but I like producing all types of art – painting, drawing, needlepoint, cooking. What is the wildest/craziest thing you’ve ever done in your travels around the world? They’re never crazy! They’re always very planned, organized, with a detailed-itinerary. What message do you have for potential students? Make sure that you when are coming to the US or whichever country in which you choose to study, to prepare to not just learn English but about the culture and location as well. Learn more about taking a preparation courses for TOEFL in Los Angeles and other classes we offer!

Meet Ali – English Teacher and Kobe Bryant fan!

Ali started teaching at EC Los Angeles in August of 2013. He was recently featured as the guest speaker for our Academic Year Lecture Series. Ali spoke about Muhammad Ali and other influential black figures in American history, as a part of Black History Month for the month of February. Find out more about him below!   Which classes do you teach? I teach Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Ready to Write, and English for Work. What do you like most about teaching? The thing I like the most about teaching is after I’m done teaching something, the satisfaction that I get knowing that the students understand what I taught them. Tell a funny joke! I think I’m one of the dullest people in the world.  It will take a really long time to dig up a joke…I can’t think of one right now, honestly. What are your hidden talents? My hidden talent is my ability to memorize.  I have a good memory.  I’ve memorized about half of the Koran in Arabic. What is the wildest/craziest thing you’ve ever done? The craziest thing I’ve ever done is related to my idol Kobe Bryant, NBA Basketball Player.  I’m too embarrassed to say, but if you’re really curious, just ask me. Message for potential students Do your homework, and remember that you get what you put into it.  The teachers aren’t magicians. They can’t magically put the language into your head.  You have to actually work too.   Find out more about the English classes in Los Angeles, like the ones that Ali teaches!

Meet Monica Espinoza – English Teacher and Baker Extraordinaire!

Monica Espinoza started teaching at EC Los Angeles in August of 2014. She is a dynamic and exciting teacher in the classroom with a big personality! Find out more about her below. Which classes do you teach? I teach the Cambridge course and intermediate. What do you like most about teaching? I enjoy working with different people and helping people achieve their goals. Tell a funny joke! I don’t know any funny jokes. Just kiddng :). If you’re interested, come and ask me. What are you hidden talents? My hidden talent is baking. My specialty is Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes. AND I understand French so students shouldn’t say anything bad in French in front of me. What is the wildest/craziest thing you’ve ever done? When I went to Morocco, I didn’t have a place to stay so I “roughed it”. Message for potential students Come and have a great time in LA, but don’t forget what you came for.   Find out more about the English courses in Boston that Monica teaches in Los Angeles!

EC Los Angeles English Teacher Feature: David Whatley

  He was born and raised in the Bay Area and came to Los Angeles to attend UCLA where he majored in Political Science. He is passionate about politics and public policy and actually hasworked on over half a dozen political campaigns. He is most proud of having served on the Obama for America presidential campaign and helping to make US History! He has always wanted to work in an international setting and feel blessed to be working in a place where he gets to meet and engage with people from all over the world. He began my teaching career in Mexico where he taught English to business executives and professionals. He subsequently taught for Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico City and the Princeton Review in Seoul. He currently teaches Pre-Intermediate and Survival English. It is both an honor and privilege to teach his students for him: He cares about his students and want for all to succeed. The greatest learning tip he can offer is to never be afraid to ask questions!!! In addition to being an ESL teacher, he is also a classically trained singer and for many years pursued a career as an opera singer. He still sing opera locally on occasion  although now his greatest passion is singing church music; he sings weekly at a couple of churches here in Santa Monica.  —he is fortunate to both live and work in Santa Monica and is passionate about our city. If you need any advice or recommendations on Santa Monica, please do not hesitate to ask him! His favorite spot in Los Angeles is Palisades Park: he can’t leave it without gazing over the beauty of Santa Monica beach and the Pacific Ocean. ============ You may view EC Los Angeles English teacher profiles here.