Meet our new intern Manqian :)

  We are pleased to announce our new intern Manqian at her EC Los Angeles! Here is the message from her below.       Hello Everyone! My name is Manqian (“man-chi-an”) Yang. I’m a Student Services Intern at EC Los Angeles. I started my internship in late September 2019 and won’t leave until next April (how exciting)!   I am from China – just graduated this year with a BA degree – so it’s been a long trip for me. This is my second time coming to LA. I was an exchange student at Cal State LA for 9 months, and I fell in love with Cali sunshine. I like the diversity of Los Angeles. People from all over the world make different cultures collide and LA a vibrant city. Bathed in the most gorgeous sunset, you can enjoy exotic foods with people speaking different languages – and that’s the most common scene on the beautiful Santa Monica beach!   Joining EC family makes my journey in LA more unforgettable. Meeting new people, listening to their stories, and exploring new things are what I’ll never stop doing. When you are ready to share your stories with me, I’ll be ready to meet you at ECLA. Come say hi!   Are you looking for english courses in los angeles? Then, EC Los Angeles will be the perfect school for you. EC Los Angeles offers you ESL classes and courses with level from beginner to proficiency as well as test preparation programs for Cambridge and TOEFL exams.

ECLA intern

Welcome our new intern Mayu

Hello August! As the start of our August blog, we would like to welcome our new intern Mayu from Japan:) Here are her picture and message from her below.   My name is Mayu and I will be working at EC Los Angeles as an intern for 3 weeks. I am a student at Toyo University Japan, learning about International Tourism Management. I have studied in Australia for 7 years, learning how to speak English and attended a high school there. After I graduate from University, I wish to work in a company which helps students from Japan, wanting to study English overseas. I like to watch movies, bake cakes and I am a cat lover. I have 4 cats and a hamster in Japan. I’ll be working at the front desk of EC Los Angeles until the end of August. I hope to see you all soon.   Click here to learn more about Courses of English in LA

Photography workshop at EC Los Angeles

At EC Los Angeles, in addition to teaching English, some teachers like to share their passions with their students. Like our great teacher Nita, who took her Intermediate class out on a photography workshop around the school and the beach. Students learned how to take great pictures and added new words, such as shade, open shade, portrait, landscape, pop, flat, full body shot, ¾ shot, patterns, breaking of lines, to their vocabulary. Here are some “behind the scenes” shots:   But students didn’t only learn how to take picture, they also learned how to pose. Here’s a tip, if you’re taking a group picture and there’s too many people and you don’t want them to look like a soccer team 😀 , tell them to turn just a little, they’ll have more space and look more natural 🙂 :         You can check out the final results in our Instagram account: ec_los_angeles and make sure to follow us!       If you want to Study English in LA AND have fun, EC Los Angeles is the right school for you, come see us or visit our website! Have a nice Weekend!!  

ECLA Intern

Meet Sabrine, new intern at EC Los Angeles!

Hi everyone! My name is Sabrine and I’m the new intern at EC Los Angeles. I am from France, I’m 23 years old. This is my first time in the US, I just arrived in LA and I am very excited to be here! I’m a student at the University of Toulon, in the south of France. I study English and Spanish applied to Marketing, business and Tourism. After I graduate, I would like to attend the school of tourism in Paris to get an MBA and maybe one day become a tourism project manager and create trips for people, so they can learn about other cultures. I love learning new languages. I already speak French, Moroccan Arabic, English and Spanish and I am currently learning Turkish. I also enjoy listening to music, watching movies, traveling, discovering new cultures. That is why I chose to do my internship at EC Los Angeles, in addition to the great location, I can meet and talk to people from all around the world!! I started my internship at EC Los Angeles a few days ago and I’ll be here for 3 months. If you come Study English in LA, then we will get to meet soon!! Sabrine

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Meet our Intern Mao!

Hello every one, My name is Mao, I am a new intern at EC Los Angeles!! I am a student at the University in Japan. My major is Education, with a focus on English teaching. The reason why I’m majoring in that is when I graduate I intend on becoming an English teacher in Japan. I thought that this will be a good opportunity to improve my English but also I could gain insight into how English is taught in America. I chose EC Los Angeles because of the location and its diversity. I love how LA has warm nice weather throughout the year and has a beautiful beach. The great part about EC LA is that I can enjoy both of them:) I’m also in love with LA because it is a very diverse city. I get to know people from around the world even though I’m not in EC! Even though I’ve only been here for 2weeks, I already Love working at EC Los Angeles 🙂 I will be in EC LA for 8 months so come see me at the Front desk and I would love to help you out!! Mao Find more about Mao’s favorite los angeles english schools here

Welcome to the Team, So!

Our Newest Member Here at ECLA, we LOVE our interns! We would like to formally introduce the EC world to our newest intern: So! We are thrilled to have So (aka “Sam”) as a part of our team, and we have loved getting to know him over the past few weeks. He has a great attitude, is a hard worker, and already has secret handshakes with some of our students! Everyone, Meet So: Hi, I’m So. I’m from Japan. I was born in Osaka and grew up in Tokyo. I came to LA to work as an intern about 4 weeks ago. So far I feel like LA is a great city to live in because there are a lot of shopping stores, good restaurants, and beautiful nature, especially beaches. I studied abroad at Northern Arizona University, which is located in Flagstaff. Flagstaff is really close to the Grand Canyon, so there is amazing nature in that area. Also, there are 4 full seasons, even though Flagstaff is located in Arizona. Compared to LA, there is nothing except nature in Flagstaff, but I had a great experience there. My favorite things to do include playing sports (especially American football!), drawing pictures, listening to music and hanging out with friends. In LA, I usually explore the city to look for good restaurants, work out, and go shopping on the weekends. I am so lucky to be able to work at EC Los Angeles! Thanks for all your hard work so far, So! We will do our best to avoid starting our sentences with “Soooo…”, so that we don’t confuse you 😉 Find out more about ESL Courses at EC Los Angeles Post Edited By: Ashley Lee