Korean BBQ in Los Angeles: Part II

The KBBQ Experience Here at ECLA, we love Korean BBQ. With Koreatown just a bus ride away from Santa Monica, students can easily take part in the KBBQ experience. In fact, ECLA will be taking the students out to Korean BBQ this week as one of our monthly social activities! Student Ambassador, Oriol … Read more

ECLA Hurricane Relief Efforts

A Way to Help As many of you have now heard, the US and surrounding areas have experienced a few devastating natural disasters in recent times. As a way to help the innocent lives affected by these events, ECLA held an event to raise donations and awareness. Many students jumped on board, and we had … Read more

Widen Your World

A Life of Travel It’s no question that our students love to travel. Going to another country, to study another language, is a great challenge but the rewards are many. Here, Student Ambassador Elif (Turkey) shares why she pursues travel. Why Travel? What is traveling? According to the definiti … Read more

Los Angeles: Art, Culture, Happiness

Love for Los Angeles There are many things to love about Los Angeles. The art, the people, the culture. People come here for a variety of reasons, but the passion for the arts is especially vibrant. Here, Student Ambassador Mariana (Brazil), shares her favorite part about LA: Street Art I am excited … Read more

The Los Angeles Experience

Studying Abroad Students come from all over the world to study English in Los Angeles. There are many shared experiences among students, but everyone still has their own unique perspective on living in this city. Here, former Student Ambassador, Marco (Switzerland), shares his personal experience wi … Read more

Staying Amused at the Amusement Park

While You Wait The Los Angeles area has many great theme parks – Universal Studios, Six Flags, and Disneyland to name a few! With such fun rides and attractions at these parks, it is best to expect a wait time. Student Ambassador, Jenny (South Korea), has some great advice for those long lines … Read more


Lessons Learned Living abroad is challenging, but the lessons learned can change your perspective forever. This is a beautiful piece written by one of our very own Student Ambassadors, Aurora (Italy), about the life lessons she learned while studying English in Los Angeles. Thank you, Aurora, for yo … Read more

Korean BBQ in Los Angeles

Koreatown Los Angeles is one of the most beautifully diverse places in the world. In fact, we have many areas of town reflecting the different cultures that make this city great. One thing you must do while living in Los Angeles is make a trip out to Koreatown for some delicious Korean BBQ! Here at … Read more

Beach Volleyball at ECLA

We love Volleyball! One of our favorite things to do here at ECLA is to play beach volleyball. In fact, later this afternoon, our Student Ambassadors will be leading another Sunset Volleyball activity! Why Play? Since we are located just 5 minutes walking distance from one of the best beaches in Sou … Read more

Student Ambassador Program at ECLA

Have you heard of the Student Ambassador Program at ECLA? This program was designed to engage students in the EC culture, build a positive school community, and provide a way for our students to gain international leadership skills. If you are interested in learning more, check out what former Stude … Read more