Widen Your World

A Life of Travel It’s no question that our students love to travel. Going to another country, to study another language, is a great challenge but the rewards are many. Here, Student Ambassador Elif (Turkey) shares why she pursues travel. Why Travel? What is traveling? According to the definiti … Read more

The Los Angeles Experience

Studying Abroad Students come from all over the world to study English in Los Angeles. There are many shared experiences among students, but everyone still has their own unique perspective on living in this city. Here, former Student Ambassador, Marco (Switzerland), shares his personal experience wi … Read more

Student Ambassador Program at ECLA

Have you heard of the Student Ambassador Program at ECLA? This program was designed to engage students in the EC culture, build a positive school community, and provide a way for our students to gain international leadership skills. If you are interested in learning more, check out what former Stude … Read more

Meet Sang Hyup Park from Korea!

EC Student Testimonial: Sung Hyup Park

Name: Sung Hyup Park Nationality: Korean Why did you choose to study with EC? When I was looking for a language school, I considered how many Korean student in language school firstly. I had two options, one is EC, another is Kaplan. But Kaplan, there are lots of Koreans. So that’s why I chose … Read more

Dann had a great time at EC!

Student Spotlight – Daan

  Name: Daan Scholten Nationality: Dutch (The Netherlands) Why did you choose to study with EC? I wanted to follow an English course to develop my English skills and I contacted Study-Globe who told me that I could study at EC Los Angeles. After Googeling ECLA I was very excited to go there. Wh … Read more

Kendi is a Student Ambassador!

Meet Kendi, New Student Ambassador!

Today we share a few words from one of our newest student ambassadors. Kendi began studying at EC Los Angeles on January 19, 2016 and will be a student here until May! Let’s find out more about him. Name: Kendi Johansson    Nationality: Sweden & Thailand   Occupation in Home Country I was … Read more

Abdullah Almusallam is a student from Saudi Arabia.

Student Spotlight: Abdullah Almusallam

Read about today’s student spotlight! Name: Abdullah Almusallam Nationality: Saudi Arabian Why did you choose to study with EC? 1st, EC is in Santa Monica. 2nd, good classes. 3rd, good people. What do you like most about EC teachers? [They have] good ways of teaching. What will be your most un … Read more