Student’s Experience at ECLA: Lorenzo from Italy

EC Los Angeles offers ESL classes and courses with level from beginner to proficiency, as well as test preparation programs for Cambridge and TOEFL exams. Here, our former Student Ambassador, Lorenzo Mennini, from Italy shares his experience as an ESL student with us. He studied at EC Los Angeles for three months, he has done wonderful Job as Student Ambassador.   Can you please tell us your favorite memory from your studying at EC? “My first day when they bring us outside to show us the Santa Monica beach and the pier and I met my best friend Martin. He joined with me doing the ambassador program. We had a good time together. It was cool this time in EC school because I met a lot of people and I improved my English I think.” What was the one thing that you learned while you were studying at EC? “I mean before I didn’t speak any English so I learned a lot o English I think. Now I can communicate with people and do a lot of things more you know?   How do you think improved? What were your methods for improving your English while you were in Los Angeles? “My methods for improve? Okay. Go in the class every day because it’s important to study the grammar, it’s really important. But it’s also important to meet people and speak with them because you can improve your English. So have party, study and meet people! This is my advice! ”           Thank you Lorenzo, for sharing your Experience here and we hope you will come back soon! If you want to Study English in LA and improve your English like Lorenzo, click here and learn more about EC Los Angeles!

Los Angeles Sunset

Student’s Experience at ECLA: “Every moment in LA is unforgettable!!!”

One of our past students from Japan, Shunsuke Tooyama, shared his great experience as an EC student. He started at the Elementary level, and ended in Advanced/Proficiency in less than 1 year – what an incredible accomplishment he was able to achieve!   What was your experience like when you first arrived in LA? How did things change throughout your time here? “I was so nervous and scared a little bit when I arrived in LA because I didn’t have any confidence in my English skills and couldn’t speak English well. For example, I couldn’t order what I wanted to eat in a restaurant. However, I was inspired by the students in EC who tried to talk with foreign people. As time went by, I had become to like speaking before I was aware of that. Eventually, I managed to move up to advance class!!!!!”   What led to your success? Any specific study habits or life skills? “I have a dream that is to be an English teacher in Japan. I tried not to forget it during my study abroad. I sometimes studied on my own after school or weekend. When I didn’t feel doing that, I usually hung out with my friends.”   What was your favorite thing about the EC teaching method? Your favorite thing about ECLA in general? “EC has 8 level classes. It’s very comfortable and important for students I think. In addition to it, EC has elective classes that we can choose what we want to study like grammar, vocabulary, talking, listening etc…. I really liked it. Furthermore, most of the students like the location of EC!!! “   What is your favorite memory of your time in LA? “I can’t choose. Every moment in LA is unforgettable!!! I mean I enjoyed every day. If I … Read more

Widen Your World

A Life of Travel It’s no question that our students love to travel. Going to another country, to study another language, is a great challenge but the rewards are many. Here, Student Ambassador Elif (Turkey) shares why she pursues travel. Why Travel? What is traveling? According to the definition in the Cambridge dictionary it means ‘moving from one place to another’. The gondola tour that you can take in the Venice Canals, or feeling so small under the tallest building in the world (Burj Khalifa)… catching the life in the streets of New York, the taste of Apfelstrudel that you can enjoy in Berlin… there are endless things you can do in the world. So, why do people travel? How can traveling make a difference in your life? How can traveling change us? ‘I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.’ – Anne Radmacher, Author Places I’ve Been Traveling is one of the most enjoyable things in my life. A journey that started in my country shortly spread all over the world. I have been to Boston, New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Berlin, Cologne, Krakow, Prague, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Budapest, Vienna, London, Moscow, Dubai, Barcelona, Madrid and many other beautiful cities. I’m amazed by all of the cultures, everyday life, foods, drinks, fashion, art, music, architecture. While I have traveled to so many places, I often ask myself, “how has this changed me?” Change The question should really be, in what ways has it not changed you? Traveling changes everyone. After the end of the journey you cannot be the same person as before. ‘Traveling is the only thing that you buy but makes you richer.’ – Anonymous It gives you confidence, creativity, social skills, and more friends. It makes you an open minded explorer. Once … Read more

The Los Angeles Experience

Studying Abroad Students come from all over the world to study English in Los Angeles. There are many shared experiences among students, but everyone still has their own unique perspective on living in this city. Here, former Student Ambassador, Marco (Switzerland), shares his personal experience with us. Marco’s Experience in LA Before I decided to come to the United States to improve my English, I was really scared about it. But something told me to book this experience, so I went to the Travel Agency and made the reservation. After that I felt a little bit strange. But I thought it was okay because I booked my trip in October for the next year in June… Time went on, and when I had my last week in Switzerland, I felt a lot of different feelings and I was thinking all the time about how it would be when I arrived in Los Angeles, alone, for the first time in my life. Arriving in the City of Angels The day I arrived in Los Angeles, I felt a little bit strange, but good. I was looking forward to starting school and meeting new people. I have experienced a lot of amazing things and I still feel excited about it. Also, when I had my first school day I felt very welcomed by everyone. Never Alone After just a few days I had met many people from different countries, and made a lot of new friends. Now I have three more weeks to stay in LA and I feel like this was the best decision I made in my life so far. I learned so many things about people, about culture and about myself. This has also been a great experience to develop my personality. And the most important thing is: You are never alone! There … Read more

Student Ambassador Program at ECLA

Have you heard of the Student Ambassador Program at ECLA? This program was designed to engage students in the EC culture, build a positive school community, and provide a way for our students to gain international leadership skills. If you are interested in learning more, check out what former Student Ambassador, Jane (Switzerland), has to say below! Jane's Experience It's Réjane Seydoux's birthday today! This former Student Ambassador shares her experience with us in the video below 🙂 Happy Birthday, Jane! And thank you, Valentina Balaguera Orjuela, for the great video! Posted by EC Los Angeles on Wednesday, August 16, 2017 Hello everyone! I hope y’all are doing well at ECLA… are you??? Today, I am writing about my experience as a student ambassador for almost 2 months! I will graduate next week, and I feel like I have to share this extraordinary experience with you! So… What did I do as a Student Ambassador? I met new students every week! Every Monday, I came to the Orientation Room where I told the students a bit about myself. Then, in the afternoon, I hung out with all (or almost all!) of the new students at Barney’s (our local pub)! I had such a great time with everyone there! I really liked meeting new faces every week. And I was super excited to get students coming to me to ask me questions about the school or LA! Another thing I really, really liked was the graduation! I loved being there to congratulate the graduating students! What else did I do? Well, I had meetings with my fellow ambassadors and we discussed the activities every SA would lead while eating pizza! That’s so cool right? I also had the opportunity and the honor to meet amazing people with whom I share a common … Read more

Meet Sang Hyup Park from Korea!

EC Student Testimonial: Sung Hyup Park

Name: Sung Hyup Park Nationality: Korean Why did you choose to study with EC? When I was looking for a language school, I considered how many Korean student in language school firstly. I had two options, one is EC, another is Kaplan. But Kaplan, there are lots of Koreans. So that’s why I chose EC. What do you like most about EC teachers? They’re always friendly. When I came to EC the first time, I couldn’t get used to living here and going to school. But now, I overcomed. What will be your most unforgettable memory of EC? Make a lot of friends! Also, Graduation is wonderful when it’s held outside. Would you recommend EC to a friend? Why? Yeah, of course! I think most important thing when you look for language school is where is the school and how much better facilities do they have. All of this point, EC is a really good school if you study abroad first time. I’m sure you’re satisfied with this school. Looking for a Los Angeles English Center? Visit ECLA today! Follow us on Facebook!

Dann had a great time at EC!

Student Spotlight – Daan

  Name: Daan Scholten Nationality: Dutch (The Netherlands) Why did you choose to study with EC? I wanted to follow an English course to develop my English skills and I contacted Study-Globe who told me that I could study at EC Los Angeles. After Googeling ECLA I was very excited to go there. What do you like most about EC teachers? I like the way they threat students. The teachers that I had (Anthony and Travis) were really kind and as a student you can feel that they respect you and want to help you. In my class Trevor had his on way to lead his classes and it was very comfortable to sit in his classes and the way he teaches us. What will be your most unforgettable memory of EC? The first day I was at ECLA. I didn’t knew what to expend and I was very excited after my first day. The rules and the expectations were very clear explained and it’s really a nice way to learn something. Would you recommend EC to a friend? Why? I am already recommending EC to my friend that they should go to Los Angeles and especially to ECLA to follow an English course. Basically because EC helps international students to feel like home and they really help you with whatever you want.   Want to study English Courses in the USA? Visit ECLA today!

Kendi is a Student Ambassador!

Meet Kendi, New Student Ambassador!

Today we share a few words from one of our newest student ambassadors. Kendi began studying at EC Los Angeles on January 19, 2016 and will be a student here until May! Let’s find out more about him. Name: Kendi Johansson    Nationality: Sweden & Thailand   Occupation in Home Country I was working as a Customer Sales Representative for the car rental company Hertz. Why did you start studying English? Because English is our second language in my countries and are needed for traveling & speaking to people worldwide.   Why did you decide to study at EC? I was given this school by my agency and told me that EC was a great school to level up my knowledge in English.   How do you plan to use English in your future? I plan on using English as an everyday thing, since my plan is to become an international chiropractor.   What do you love about Los Angeles/Santa Monica so far? The weather! Me and my friends barely made it out alive from the Swedish Ice-age winter. I love the social kindness the people have here and will miss it a lot, when I head back to Sweden.   Tell us something interesting about yourself! Besides working full-time, I’m also a: Dancer Massage therapist – (student) Gamer Otaku – (loves japanese anime & manga) Boxer/thaiboxer Sportsman Learn more about becoming a student ambassador at EC Los Angeles Language School like Kendi!  

Student Spotlight: Aleyda Fernanda Armenta Rios

Meet Aleyda from Mexico! She has been an ESL student in Los Angeles for 4 weeks and graduated today in the Intermediate level. Continue reading to find out what she thinks about our school. Name: Aleyda Fernanda Armenta Rios Nationality: Mexican Why did you choose to study with EC? Because this school is in Santa Monica, it has nice weather, great restaurants, shopping mall, nice people, beach, and movie theater. What do you like most about EC teachers? Because they are kind, funny, and really good teachers. 🙂 What will be your most unforgettable memory of EC? I make a lot of friends and live unforgettable moments. Would you recommend EC to a friend? Why? Yes of course, because I like education system in EC. In only one month I improve my English and now I can talk with other people.   Interested in learning about English classes in Los Angeles? Check out ECLA today!

Abdullah Almusallam is a student from Saudi Arabia.

Student Spotlight: Abdullah Almusallam

Read about today’s student spotlight! Name: Abdullah Almusallam Nationality: Saudi Arabian Why did you choose to study with EC? 1st, EC is in Santa Monica. 2nd, good classes. 3rd, good people. What do you like most about EC teachers? [They have] good ways of teaching. What will be your most unforgettable memory of EC? Halloween Day. Would you recommend EC to a friend? Why? Yes. Some classes are good for you.   There are many reasons to come to EC Los Angeles. We offer General English courses, a business English course, and so much more! Like the Halloween Day Abdullah mentioned,ECLA also offers an engaging and fun activities calendar. Activities give students a chance to have fun and practice natural English outside of the classroom! Want to study English in the USA? Visit our website or take a tour of our Santa Monica campus today!