Living Like the Locals In order to fully embrace the American culture while living in Los Angeles, it’s important to find an activity you enjoy where you can participate with the locals! Here, Student Ambassador Yilmaz (Turkey) explains how playing “streetball” (outdoor basketball) … Read more

Places to Go: Melrose Ave.

Famous Streets There are so many vibrant, artistic, and unique streets to visit in Los Angeles: Hollywood Blvd., Abbot Kinney, 3rd Street in Santa Monica, and many more. Among these famous places to visit, we have Melrose Ave. Here, Student Ambassador Kim (Switzerland), tells us all about Melrose! M … Read more

Thanksgiving in the US

We love that we get to celebrate US holidays with our students! Last week, ECLA hosted a Thanksgiving Potluck FEAST — turkey, friends, food and fun! Here, Student Ambassador Jacqi (Germany) tells us all about it! Expressing Gratitude Thanksgiving is one of the most popular annual holidays here … Read more

Premiere of Geostorm (with Gerard Butler!)

Los Angeles is home to HOLLYWOOD. With so many famous people living in this city, many of our students are lucky enough to meet celebrities at restaurants, in the streets, or even at MOVIE PREMIERES! Here, Student Ambassador Severine (Switzerland), talks about her Red Carpet experience and seeing Ge … Read more

Skydiving in Los Angeles

While experiencing the unique and rewarding experience of living abroad, some of our students decide to fulfill another Bucket-List item: skydiving! Student Ambassador, Christian (Switzerland), shares his amazing journey with us below! Before You Go “In Los Angeles, you can do a lot of differe … Read more

Hollywood Sign Hike How-To

A Famous Landmark One of the most recognizable signs in the world is located right in the heart of our city — the Hollywood sign! Student Ambassador, Yaël (Switzerland), gives us some advice for the hike up to this awesome landmark! “During my first week, my friends and I decided to hike … Read more

Halloween: Switzerland vs. USA

Pumpkins, Costumes, & Festivities Getting to partake in the holidays of another country is always a fun experience. In this post, Student Ambassador, Kim (Switzerland), explains the differences between Halloween celebrations in Switzerland vs. in the US! Halloween day is only once per year and i … Read more