Meet ECLA’s Intern from Germany!!

My name’s Alex and I am 23 years old. I was born and raised not far away from Munich. I am studying BA International Business Communication in Munich and like it very much because it provides me with the best combined knowledge of languages, a wide range of business subjects from economics to marketing, HR or tourism and last but not least international communication studies. This internship at ECLA is part of my studies, it is my 5th semester. Although I have been traveling a lot through Europe- from Western- and Central to Eastern Europe this is my very first time in the US and it is sooooo exciting for me. It is a dream coming true and I really enjoy every single day I live here! The last time when I was abroad I’ve been in Russia and Turkey to visit friends of me. My languages are German (native), English and French and I am still about to improve my spoken Russian and Spanish. I enjoy listening to music and dancing. Reading is also one of my favorite hobbies; I really love “The Alchemist” from Paulo Coelho for example. But mostly I prefer spending time with persons I like and having a good time! My message for future students: You’ve made a great choice choosing ECLA for learning English! You are surrounded by a nice environment and very friendly stuff that will help you in any belongings. I am looking forward to see you and will be happy to help you whenever you need some help!

Meet ECLA’s Interns from Japan!!

Nozomi and Naoto are our new interns at ECLA! They are two young ambitious university students from Japan. They are here to gain meaningful Business and Business Administrative experiences while exploring the beautiful city of LA!   Intercultural communication, which is my major in Rikkyo university, is so interesting since there is no end to exploring answers and questions. I really liked to watch TV programs which show the landscape and culture all over the world when I was young. Japan is quite far from anywhere, so I dreamed of communicating with people who speaks different languages. Studying abroad in Ireland gave me basic English communication skills. I would like to greatly improve my English, here at ECLA. After I would like to get a job at a Japanese company where I can use my experience and skills. I’m so excited to see the HOLLYWOOD sign since I love movies, especially Science fiction and action films.   My message to future students: I found it great to work with people here. The staffs and teachers are cheerful and helpful. Please don’t hesitate to explore other cultures. We are not here only to study English. We have the best environment ever to experience a lot of different cultures.   Hi all. I’m Naoto Kuwabara, intern of ECLA. I’m very glad to be a member of this company. I’m from Japan and I can speak Japanese and English. I’m currently a university student and I belong to the faculty of economy. My major is finance. During university life, I’ve studied English through my club activity. I love English and I want to work abroad in the future, so here I want to learn how the business goes in the US and also about business English. This is the second time to come … Read more