Camping and such by Paula

  Camping is one of the most popular forms of leisure and travel in the United States.  I’ve heard dozens of stories from friends about their camping experiences. It doesn’t even matter what time of the year it is! There are people who like to camp in the blistering cold snow, and others who like to embrace the hot dessert heat.  However, the most recognized form of camping would have to be in the woods, with big tall trees, lakes, mountains, hiking trails, and tents and sleeping bags.  Yet, I have lived in the United States for more than fourteen years and have never gone camping in my life.   I’ve always loved nature and would go hiking in Malibu whenever I had time.  But it wasn’t until now, that I’ve finally experienced my first American camping trip! How could I go camping without having any camping experience? Without any camping supplies?  Luckily, Escape Campervan made it extremely convenient and easy to go camping! Escape Campervan is a company that rents out customized vans that includes a queen size bed, a fully stocked kitchen (sink, stove, dishes, utensils, and REFRIGERATOR!), and everything that a person who has never gone camping (a noob) would ever need!  The company came to promote their vans to students studying English at EC Los Angeles and I was blown away at the packages they offer. An Escape Campervan representative named Phil offered a great deal for my friends and I for renting one of their vans. It was too good of an offer to pass up, so I made the decision to go camping for the first time ever! Phil suggested that my friends and I go to Big Sur and visit the Pfeiffer Beach! I Google’d it and it looked so amazing! Cool crisp skies, … Read more

EC Student Authors!

Hello everyone! Today, in the upper intermediate class, 5 fabulous ladies wrote an amazing short story inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Fall of the House of Usher.” Enjoy!   “Eyes Wide Open” By: Elisabeth, Francesca, Jessica, Selin, Senem It was cold. So cold. the knife he felt was just slashing into him, teacring him apart in the middle of his chest. He was in hell. But why couldn’t they see it? He was in pain, in a pian he never felt before. He couldn’t move, ot even a finger or his eyelids. “STOP IT!” he was screaming inside his head, but nobody heard him. His eyes were wide open and he tried to scream. He failed. Everytime he tried, he failed. It was impossible for him to give any signals becuase he was not able to move his body. His body was frozen as if it were dead, and only his brain and eyes functioned. None of the doctors noticed anything while he was trying to say something with his eyes. They only moved on with the surgery, trying to hammer open his chest. There was blood everywhere. It ran down to the ground and a bittersweet smell of iron was in the air. He couldn’t speak; he couldn’t move. There was just fear and pain in his head. He couldn’t move his body. He wanted to stretch out to the doctor and tell him that he felt everything, but he couldn’t. He thought that if he started to think about palm trees and sand and that he was in the Bahamas on vacation, he wouldn’t feel so much pain. He though about swimming in the ocean. So he slowly walked towards the shore, barely standing, he almost wished to die not to feel that excruciating pain anymore. He … Read more