Korean New Year Celebration

Ring in ‘The year of the Rat’.

Many Asian countries celebrate the New Year according to their own
calendar. This year, the 7th Feb is New Year’s day for many Asian people. As
an international English school, EC is organising a party to celebrate their
New Year all together and experience Korean culture – Korea is one of the
countries that cerebrate Asian New Year.

The “Count Down” is at 16:00 GMT which is 00:00 of New Year Day in Korea!! Korean students will teach you how to count 10 to 1 and how to say “Happy New Year” in Korean.

  • Taste Korean Cuisine cooked by our Korean students!!
  • Try Korean Calligraphy with a special brush and ink. You can write your name, girl/boyfriend’s name,favorite words etc. that will be a great and unique souvenir from EC MALTA!!

Date: Wed 6th Feb

Time: 15:30 onwards

Venue: Student Lounge (West Block 2nd Floor)

* All students and teachers who were born in “The Year of the Rat” will be given EC invitations individually.

* Sign your name at reception if you will be attending.



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