EC…Environmentally concerned

Welcome to EC Malta! Here is some general information for you students about living in Malta…
By Student Raphaela Patricia Gabriel—Switzerland

Water and Electricity
Conserve the water and do not take long showers because water is very scarce and expensive. The same applies for your use of electricity: turn the lights off if you leave the place and open the blinds before you think about turning on the lights

Eat lots of fruit and fresh food as it is good for your health and your brain. Do not go to fast food restaurants too often: they produce too much waste. Keep your room clean and don’t buy lot’s of plastic bottles: it is not good for the environment. You could buy a filter to fill your bottles with tap water, like this, you will also save money!


Use the buses which drive you to most destinations within 30 minutes or go on foot—even better for the environment. Malta is a very small island and most places are relatively close to each other. The bus fares for travelling are 0,47 or 1,16 Euro.

In Malta, it is very warm. You sould take warm clothes though for the winter months since it can be very cold inside the houses in the evening. As already mentioned before, electricity is very expensive and so houses often don’t have any central heating.
You can use the internet access free of charge from our internet café “ConnECt”, which is equipped with 35 high speed PC’s. you can use the headsets to speak online with your friends or family, so you do not have to spend a lot of money on telephone cards. You are also provided with the possibility to chat, using “MSN”, and you can even print your documents.



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