EC Malta Internship — A Life Experience by Kristofer Kalen

I arrived at Malta International Airport with four of my classmates on a sunny Monday afternoon. Our expectations were high and we’d been looking forward to this trip for a long time. I mean, who wouldn’t rather have their trainee period in “sunny Malta” instead of “rainy Sweden”? And not just the weather, we would … Read more


The EC MALTA JOB CLUB will be launched as of 01st February! EC Malta will now offer students the chance to work on a temporary basis with a local company while studying English in Malta. EC Job Club enables students to improve their language skills whilst interacting with English speakers at the workplace. Students are … Read more

Celebrating Maltese Folklore at EC Malta

In order to learn more about our Maltese Culture, The Adult Programme at EC Malta organised a Maltese Folklore Event for our students whereby local suppliers came to EC Malta and set up a number of stands with local products . Products included local honey, local wine and several types of liquors which were readily … Read more