Great Internship Opportunities – Apply with EC Malta!!

EC Malta is currently acting as Host Organisation for Twin UK and the Leonardo Da Vinci Compass Programme.
David Ncube, one of our first participants, shares his experience…
“The Leonardo Da Vinci programme was an absolute joy! I thoroughly enjoyed it! It brightened my days and reddened my already sun-tarnished cheeks! I felt exceptionally lucky too that I got to escape the dreadful British winter!

In my job assisting the CEOs of Write Me & Travel Contacts, I got to go on television sets, attend meetings with renowned architects, carry out invaluable research and update the company’s impressive database. The highlight for me though was finally becoming a published writer… for the prestigious Maltese version of U.K. Times newspaper too! Four times! A dream come true for me… since prior to Malta, and for many years, I had been struggling as a raconteur.

I would highly recommend this programme to anyone wanting to experience a new culture while updating their resume and making lasting friendships through EC school. It’s a shame only a select few will get to be interns for Write Me & Travel Contacts… for the hospitality, sincerity and kind-heartedness of the business-minded family behind these two companies was astounding, inspiring and most undoubtedly deserves a special mention.

Lastly, I have decided to stay in this beautiful, smile-widening island a few more months… in the hope of dousing myself in the friendships and business allies I have been blessed with.
Sincerely, a satisfied intern…
David Ncube”

You too can have the opportunity to enjoy such experiences and enhance your CV! Join the EC Malta Internship Programme and combine your English Language Course with a Working Experience!



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