The Holy Week in Malta

RI004825The holy week is one of the most important feast occasions in the Maltese year, processions and celebrations take place through out the week. It kicks off this year on Friday 3rd with the procession of Our Lady of Sorrows. A statue of the Virgin Mary is carried christ-statuethrough the streets of many Maltese towns and villages. Don’t be surprised to see many people walking barefoot, people do this to identify with the suffering of the mother of Christ. Palm Sunday is always the following Sunday, it commemorates when Jesus Christ triumphantly entered Jerusalem before his trial and crucifixion. In many churches you will find decorations of palm fronds, which are blessed with holy water and distributed to the crowd.
On the 9th – Maundy Thursday, Maltese people traditionally visit 7 different churches to pray at the various ‘Altars of Repose’. These altars are lit with rows and rows of candles, perhaps the most impressive is in Gozo carrying-crosscathedral, well worth a visit if you get the chance to go and see.
The most dramatic event of Holy Week is the procession which takes place on Good Friday, when you can watch a procession of people with seven life size statues representing the principal moments of the passion and death of Christ. TheseReligious Procession, Agrigento Sicily are: Christ at Gethsemane, The scourging at the pillar, The crowning with thorns, The fall under the cross, The crucifixion, The procession to the tomb and Our lady of sorrows. You will notice that many of the locals have dressed up as biblical characters, this adds to the atmosphere of the day.
We at EC have organized a student trip to one of the biggest processions in Malta. We will travel to the town of Mosta – home to the 3rd largest unsupported dome in the world. The parade is renowned in Malta and elsewhere. If you are interested to see some of the islands huge church-at-easterEaster celebrations then sign up your name at Language House reception.
Easter Sunday is a day of celebration, commemorating when Christ rose from the grave. There is a procession with the statue of Christ, at the end of which, the statue bearerfigolla1s make a run into the church – an impressive site! The celebrations continue with the giving of sweets and chocolates. Most traditional is the figolla – A pastry figure with a chocolate egg in the middle.
Hopefully see lots of you at the Friday procession. Make sure you catch some of the celebrations as they are certainly a sight to behold!



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