Training – 9th May

junior-programme-training-2009-001On a beautiful day on Saturday the 9th May EC’s junior department held its training fjunior-programme-training-2009-022or leaders for the forthcoming summer. Each summer, EC Malta hosts a successful junior programme for young learners of English. After some introductory talks from various members of staff and Maurice Rizzo about the high standards expected of them in the summer, the fun began. We descended on Paradise Bay beach for a barbeque-style lunch and a glass of wine or two before changing into swimwear for the ‘Pimp My Boat’ activity. This entailed the leaders being put into groups, making a raft out of household items and then racing them. All was well until halfway through the race a leader managed to dislocate his shoulder! After being heroically ‘rescued ojunior-programme-training-2009-056ut at sea’ by junior-programme-training-2009-037Michael Pisani and put in a sling the winning group was congratulated before rafts were dismantled and the rubbish cleared away. It was the end of a successful training day!ec-training-2009-189



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