The Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul

The feast of St Peter and St Paul is celebrated on the 29th of June and commemorates the two co-founders of the Christian church in Malta. St Paul is the patron saint of Malta. He had a direct personal connection with the island, having been shipwrecked on our shores on his way to Rome in AD60. He subsequently spent three months here, converting many people to Christianity, among them the Roman governor. Because he sowed the seeds of the island’s strong Christian faith, Maltese people feel a particular veneration for him and claim his special protection. St Peter has no direct connection with Malta, he is however honoured as one of Christ’s closest associates and as the leader of the early Christian church after the crucifixion. Islanders also respect him for his role as patron saint of fishermen. Celebrations are island-wide but are particularly spectacular in Rabat, where there are day-long festivities including music, horseback racing, dancing and meals featuring traditional rabbit recipes.




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