Brace Yourself!!

Yesterday’s activity deserves a blog because it’s always absolutely brilliant… An afternoon where the summer camp kids are whisked off to a beach club, where a sun bed and umbrella awaits each of them. The children can relax, have a dip in the splendid sea, or play on the sand with their leaders. At the end of the day a barbeque is organized for all and food and ice cream are served until no one could possibly fit anything else in their belly. Truly a five star experience!!

So at the end of the day the social leaders cleared the area and were ready to go… But then one of the kids, Elena, went to her social leaders Anthea and Nicolette in dismay because she had lost her braces which were wrapped in a napkin.

Anthea and Nicolette looked around the area and then realized that most probably someone had seen a napkin and thrown it away in one of the big dustbins.

So, out came the plastic bags to protect the arms and Anthea and Nicollete climbed into the bins to look for the 1,000 euro braces.

Bag after bag was opened and searched, every dirty napkin was unfolded…. Still, no braces.

Anthea, now needed a break, so assistant co-ordinator Marc came to swap with Anthea and rifle through the bins.

Marc opened the first bin bag, looked through it and found a cup, filled with lots of napkins, he was about to throw it back in the bin because it had so many napkins but then he had a change of mind.

He searched each napkin and in the last one… There it was!!!

Marc shouted… ’A-ha, I’ve found it. I am the King… Muwhahaha.’

All the kids were frightened by what they thought was an exclamation of frustration.  Elena was the only one who wasn’t scared, because she knew she had found her braces. What a relief.

By Karla Houska-Bazzini



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