Alarme Re-Enactments (18/10/09)

Need to find something interesting to do with your EC friends while at the same time learning and experiencing local culture?
Then the Alarme Re-Enactment is right for you!

The Alarme Re-Enactment will be held on the third Sunday of this month and will commence at 11:00hrs. Its duration is 50 minutes and it portrays military battles between Maltese militia and Napoleon’s troops, aided by a narration that describes the historical background of 1798-1800. This re-enactment unfolds in a series of dramatised scenes that depict the arrival of the French, their administration of Malta, the Maltese rebellion and the arrival of the British troops that led to the French surrender. The show is staged at Fort St. Elmo in Valletta by the Historical Re-Enactment Group of Malta and is organised by the Malta Tourism Authority.




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