Student Article
By EC student and Intern
Inara Kurmangaliyeva—Kazak

When I was asked to write an article about my life experience in Malta I was really happy and excited to do that as it has been in my mind for a long time, just there was no chance to do that. Now, that the opportunity knocked on my door, I can finally tell you what it is like to live on a tiny island with its huge historical and cultural legacy.
My Maltese life has started with my second visit to fairyland. I could even say ‘Never land’, because you cannot always find Malta on a world map. I came to Malta by accident. What I mean is that the chain of consequences brought me here. Let’s go back to 2007. I was supposed to go America on the special program called “Work and Travel” I am sure many of you familiar with it. Anyway, after an allergic shock my mum did not allow me to go and by the time the summer had started all my friends knew where they would go, so I was left alone with my problem of where to go for my summer holiday…
Miami, Ibiza, Shanghai, Euro trip, many places were to be explored, unfortunately only by web browser! After thinking about it for a long time and chasing ads I had decided to go to Malta to learn English. It was a great chance to brush up my knowledge and enjoy my time in the most beautiful bays in the whole of the Mediterranean. First impression was just: “Phhhh…boring…”. We used to live in Bugibba and we discovered party paradise only a few days later. My mission was to get a bronze tan so I missed most of the excursions and didn’t learn much about the Maltese heritage. What I remember well is that 70 per cent of my budget was spent on taxis from Bugibba to Paceville and vise versa. Of course, there was a chance to use a bus, but most times we ended up in Valletta!
More than a year has passed and I am still on this little island! Surely I am still not an expert on the Maltese heritage though I have a rough idea on some of the historical sites such as Mdina, Rabat, and the 3 cities. However what I really can be sure about is that Malta, even though being a geographically small country, it has its own strength, unusual lifestyle, lots of opportunities and last, but not least, the mixture of cultures in traditions and language, which I have picked up along the way.
Isn’t life worth living for moments like these?



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