EC Workshops

Student: Thomas Habl – Germany

Workshop 4th May 2010 on ‘How to write right’

Writing task: A report

To: Education authorities in Malta

From: Thomas Habl

Subject: Recommendation Malta IEC as a language holiday destination

Date : 7th May 2010

The purpose of this report is to recommend Malta EC School as a perfect language school for foreign students.

In EC School there are many facilities e.g. Internet café, café chat, free lessons, welcome dinner. In the Internet café, there are more than 30 computers with free Internet. You can also take your own notebook with you and join WIFI. Unfortunately, the Internet is very often cut off but I think that is a general problem in Malta. In my opinion, the café chat is very recommendable because you have the opportunity to talk to many different people from foreign countries. I am convinced that the free lessons like “how to write right” are en excellent opportunity to improve English skills. Another interesting point to improve the English skills is the welcome dinner on the first day of school. There you can enjoy a 3 course-meal in the ambiance of a traditional Maltese farmhouse and you can talk to many other students. All students have also the chance to borrow books from the library of the school. So you can read a book in your free time for example.

There are also many activities, like parties, welcome dinner or excursions to Gozo. Every week there are many parties in different bars and discos e.g. Footloose or Hugo’s where you can meet a lot of students from different countries. So you are automatically forced to speak English with the other students. The students have also a great chance to improve their language skills by visiting different excursions like Gozo or Blue Grotto.

The staff at EC School is very friendly and helpful. The lessons make the students happy because the lessons are totally different compared with the former school lessons in my home country. EC School is also very well organized.

In view of the above mentioned facts, I feel that Malta EC School can be recommended as an ideal place to study English.



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