29th June Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul – L-Imnarja

This feast is one of the oldest feasts celebrated in Malta and Gozo. It commemorates two important Saints in Maltese religious teachings, St.Peter and St.Paul. The word ‘luminarja’ is derived from the Latin word ‘luminare’ – to light up. This was the way people manifested their joy in recognition of … Read more

Isle of MTV 2010 (30/06/10)

The Isle of MTV is one of the highlights of MTV’s European summer music scenes and is one of the coolest and most eclectic outdoor live music events. This FREE open air concert will take place in the Spectacular ‘Fosos’ (Graneries) square in Floriana on the beautiful island of Malta, with an estimat … Read more


Every year on the 7th of June, Malta commemorates the tragic events of Sette Giugno. This is in remembrance of the riots of 1919 when the Maltese population revolted against the British Government to obtain some form of representative government. Four people died when fire was opened on the protesto … Read more