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As the old saying goes the proof is in the pudding. (if you’re not sure what it means check with your teacher). Time multiplied by effort, add some desire and you’ve got the basic ingredients for success. Success that many of our students has achieved. At E.C. the teachers put the students first and that doesn’t mean we do it for you; nothing of any worth is ever easy to gain, sometimes it’s an uphill struggle and we will give you the tools to climb your mountains, and when you get to the top you can enjoy your ‘’pudding’’. Below is an example of a recent comment and results from E.C. Malta’s TOEFL class.

Francis Dobbin

Dear Simon, Dear Francis,

I hope you are fine. Being back in Germany was quite strange. I think I miss the construction work in Malta and a little bit the beach. 🙂
I promised to inform you about my TOEFL-Score.

My Score is 103 points, Reading 25, Listening 28, Speaking 23, Writing 27. I was very surprised, but happy, too, because I had a bad start in the speaking section (my problem from the start: meat and potatoes, time and my nerves)
So I want to say thank you for your good support and teaching. I think it was  very helpful for me to do the course with you to get into the task. Personally, I should have practice the speaking questions more.

Nevertheless it was an impressive time for me and I learned a lot, not only how to prepare myself to the TOEFL, but how to organise myself in a better way. You remind me to some important things in life, which I had forgot,  put aside or have not realised before.   Thank you Francis.

The good and regular practice in reading, listening and writing and the fact, that you recognize and work on our grammar problems, helped me a lot. It was a good experience to talk with you about Malta and general issues. Thank you Simon.

Maybe we will meet again and I book a another course at EC.

All the best
Benjamin Reis



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