Have a prosperous New Year and God bless

After all the Christmas cheer,
it’s time to welcome another year.
Many resolutions on our minds.
Numerous plans of various kinds.

Looking back on the year gone by.
Did you help others, or at least try?
Did you instigate smiles or frowns?
Were you the cause of ups or downs?

Let’s not forget our absent friends,
whose cherished friendship never ends.
Relatives gone before us to light the way,
to heaven so we could be reunited one day.

A brand-new year means a fresh start,
so open your mind and also your heart.
Use your potential, make life grand.
Divided we fall, united we stand.

May your rewards be more and regrets less.
Have a prosperous New Year and God bless.

Written by; Dionisius Peter Paul PIZZUTO – 28.12.10.



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