Kindai Group First Week – EC Malta English School

This week we will be blogging about a group that is very accustomed to visit our islands, Kindai. This group consists of Japanese students aged between 14-16, both male and female. Feel free to visit the website daily for updates on daily activities and the students’ progress our  Malta Juniors English course

First Day (03-11-2011)

At around 11 in the morning, the students landed safely in Malta International Airport. Promtly they where greeted by an EC representative and accompanied to the coach that would be taking them for a welcome at the school of St Martin’s College, Swatar – where they will be studying their english for the remainder of their stay here in Malta

Right after a short welcome talk by the headmaster of the school Mr Padovani, the students where given some time to settle in and enjoy a selection of sandwiches while mingling with the staff that will be working with them during their stay.

Shortly after the students where moved into the school library, where they were given a school book and tie representing the school colours and emblem. Once all the students where seated, staff from the Academic department and Junior Leisure department formally introduced themselves and gave the students a short summary of whats to come, along with some guidelines and regulations.

Once all the students’ questions have been unanswered and all was explained in detail, host family members came to the school to drive their individual students to the family home. And with that, the first day with kindai came to an end.


EC Juniors Blogging Team, Malta.



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