Kindai Group First Week – EC Malta

Second Day (03-14-2011)

On this day we will be taking the Kindai group on a tour around places of interest in Malta. Once we met with our guide for the day, our coach driver Richard picked us up and off we went!


Our first destination was the neolitic temple of Hagar Qim, a site which has evidence of use between 3600 and 2500 BC. Rightfully so, the words “Hagar Qim” translate to “Praying Stones” signifying that in the old days this site was a place of worship. Infact several animal remains have been found throughout the years, hinting that animal sacrifices were a common occorance in these temples.

After the visit to the temples, the students followed our guide Darell to the Hagar Qim Interpretation Centre, which is a modern museum boasting a visual show along with many other informative and interactive attractions.


Once everyone was happy to, we moved on to our next destination – Dingli Cliffs, the highest viewpoint in Malta, 250 meters above sea level, offering some breathtaking views. Here the students were given some free time to explore the site and to take various pictures of the views and the little chapel that is found on the site.


From dingli, we moved on to our next destination, Rabat. On arrival, seeing that the church of St. Paul’s, a heavily worshipped Saint in the Christian Religion, we decided to pay a quick visit. This turned out to be a fantastic idea because being japanese, these students didn’t know much about european cultures and religions, so this improvised detour turned out to be quite an attraction. Since the church was empty, the students all took a seat in the smaller section of the church on the side, while the guide gave a detailed, yet simple explanation of our religion.


Moving on, we arrived on to our main destination – St Paul’s Catacombs, which interestingly enough are not themselves associated with St Paul but derive their name from their proximity to St Paul’s Chuch and Grotto. The catacombs are always a hit with our student’s as this site is underground and offers dark corners with which the students tend to have a bit of fun with, while others opt to stick to the guide and absorb as much information as possible; either way, everyone’s happy from this activity!


And with that final visit, the students climbed up from the site, bearing happy faces ready to go back home and bring an end to this exciting tour.


EC Juniors Blogging Team, Malta.



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