Good news following the Japanese earthquake and tsunami – EC Malta stays in touch with Japanese Students

Following the terrible events that occurred in Japan, the EC Malta team decided to try and make contact with Japanese students that had studied at EC Malta over the past three years. The email read “The news of the earthquake and consequent tsunami in Japan shocked the world, and the devastation and loss that followed left us without words as we watched the news stories from many miles away. Our thoughts turned to all the Japanese students that had once studied at EC Malta, those who had shared their lives with us and had become our friends. We wanted to let you know that we think about you often, and pray that you, your families and your loved ones are safe. With warmest regards – The EC Malta Team”. Thankfully, replies have been flooding in, here are a few of them …..

“Thank you very much for great message.
I’m fine and all my family too.
But we have felt big earthquakes every day.
We think scary then.
We hope these finish soon.
I want to go to Malta once again some day, and to study English.
Thank you
Lots of love

“We will do our best to recover and rebuild our country.
I believe that the situation will be better soon.
I am very happy knowing that the whole world is sending Japan words of encouragement, and providing our country with aid.
Please take good care of yourself.
Best regards,

“Dear The EC Malta Team
Thank you very much for your heart-warming message!
I am so pleased to know you think of my family and me.
Fortunatelly, although I felt a series of strong eathquake on 11th March,
my family, friends and I are all right.
But people in Tohoku, about 200 km further from our area,
were severely damaged…
The only thing what I can do is to pray, and also to donate.
I strongly believe revival of Japan.
Thank you so much, again.

“Thank you for writing.
First of all, I’m OK. Mroeover, my family and friends are safe. Actually, there is a friend who lives in Fukushima, but I got an e-mail from her. She has been evacuated safely. About my hometown, there’s nothing unusual from normal life. There’s not so many aftershock, no power cut, and so on. It was worthwhile studing at EC Malta, such as learning about various pronounciation, culture, and thinking. Fortunately, I got a great opptunity to use English. In our office, there are few engineers who can understand English well, so my colleagues ask me to translate the materials from English into Japanese. Although I’m a newcomer in this field, I experienced many things due to my advantage understanding both programing and English. I’ll move a larger office tomorow and start new life.
I hope that you and your students will spend valuable time.

“Dear EC Malta Team,
Thank you for your e-mail.
I and my family are all safe,but we are very sad.
And I worried the atomic power plant had big damage in this time.
My residential area is far from Fukushima atomic power plant (the distance is 250km) .
I pray to resolve the problem as soon as possible.
And we should try to save on energy and water every day.
Thank you again,



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