Kindai Group First Week – EC Malta

Fifth Day (03-16-2011)

Today the students will be going to the Siggiewi Falconry Center.

Once everyone ate their lunch and was ready to go, off we went! As soon as we got their the students enjoyed roaming around freely around the bird enclosures. A representative from the falconry attended to us and eagerly answered any questions the students asked about the birds they where looking at.


After viewing the enclosures, it was time for the bird show that is included in the activity. All the students where asked to sit down on the benches on a grassy plane and out came the birds!

To start off, the first bird was a small barn owl, which we’ve learnt tends to get attached to only one trainer and will refuse to listen to anyone else! The bird was trained to fly onto a falconry glove, so the students where invited to wear the glove and call the owl. This was such a success that even the teacher himself had to have a go at it! The bird was very happy to entertain the crowd and after a few acrobatic tricks, all too soon the next bird was called..


The next bird was a vulture called junko, called so because apparantly he loved eating junk food! This bird was a little too big for the students to call, so it just entertained the crowed with a few well timed acrobatic and agile tricks.
Once junko left the scene, a hawk came to steal the show – and once again the teacher and the group leader where invited to call it to them!

he show was eventually over and we started to make our way to the cafeteria and on the way out. Once in the cafeteria, a trainer brought us another owl to stroke and pet so that the students could be left with a pleasant memory of the activity. And this was a success! The students gladly petted the bird and took pictures with it.


After thanking the attendants and the trainers, we made our way to the coach and that was the end for this activity.


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