EC MALTA Student Review by Lionel from France

Lionel Fernandez
France / Strasbourg

I stayed in Malta for one month. I would recommend Malta because it’s a nice place, quiet and not expensive, and Maltese people is friendly. Also, Malta is an unusual destination, actually most people goes to England or United States.
What I like about this school, it’s the great atmosphere during the lessons; in fact the teachers are pleasant and the lessons fun.
Also, I liked so much going to restaurant and after to go to Paceville during the evenings. My favorite activity was the Knights spectacular, because we could see the History of Malta while eating in a pleasant atmosphere. We also had a great time visiting BE Hotel, one of the best Hotels in Malta.

About my accommodation, I have stayed in Patricia Hotel, a place only for students. I have liked because we could organized party in the dinning room with the other students.
In the future, I would like to go to South Africa, because it’s my dream to discover Africa, maybe I will able to.
I recommend to new students to speak local people, because it’s very rewarding and you discover a new culture.




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