ONE of the BEST WRITING TASKS about the LECTURE on ‘THE POWER OF DREAMS’ delivered by Amalie Pisani

Writing task by YUSA

“Amalie trained an initial honors Degree in Psychology and Education followed by professional training specializations, and she worked as an Independent practitioner.

She has taken care of her clients. There are issues. For example, grief and loss, depressions, dissatisfaction or “Stuckness” and isolation.

Types of Dreams: they are 11 types, for example:

· Day Dreams

· False Awaking Dreams

· Lucid Dreams

· Nightmares

· Phonetic Dreams …

Persona is your public mask. Dreams symbols have meaning, for example, the anima/Animus is the female and male aspects. The “Divine Child” is your true self in the purest form.

The wise old man / woman are the helper in your dreams etc… Regarding the history, Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) explained that the person who struggle to remember in your dreams, is because the “Super Ego” is at work.

Freud classified the images into the following five processes,

· Displacement

· Projection

· Symbolization

· Condensation

· Rationalization.

In the middle of the lecture Amalie counseled Ana Belen about one of her dreams. It was really interesting, we were concentrated on it. After that, we searched for a lot of blank sentences which were explained when she spoke about dream facts.

We enjoyed finding the answers!! The lecture was very thought-provoking.

Thank you very much Amalie!”