Student Essay – Psychics

By Nakoko Sano from Japan

A psychic is a person who has special powers so than they can do things that are not possible according to natural laws, such as predicting the future and speaking to dead people.
We call it sixth sense and third eye. Different psychics use different methods, for example tarot cards, crystal ball and other types
The human body has some important spots or ‘psychics centres’, which are called ‘chakras’. They are located at the centre of the body. The bottom one under the hip, called ‘base chakura’ is the most important chakura which is connected strongly to our mind and to ‘security and feeling’. And we can train ourselves to use psychic powers by practising yoga.
A psychic healer is a person who channels psychic energy and solves the physical problem with just the power of energy not with meditation.
Nostradamus, a famous fortuneteller, foretold the terrible events of 9.11. Psychics sometimes help policemen find missing person people.
I believe in psychic power very much as I studied yoga in Japan, and then I could feel some power from my mind. It’s very interesting for me.