Student Essay – Psychics

By Ji- Eun Lee from Korea
Today’s lecture was about psychics. Psychics use a lot of things such as tarot cards, crystal balls, palm reading, third eye, extra-sensory perception and telepathy.
There are ‘7 chakras’ in our body each in charge of a different part. If they are in harmony, your feeling is good. But if they aren’t, you might not feel very well, also physically as well.
Anyway, there are many famous psychics. The first one is Nostradamus who predicted ‘twin building event’; secondly, Doris Fisher Stokes and lastly John Edwards.
The reason for going to a psychic is that someone might want to get some advice or for entertainment or to know about the unknown future or just for curiosity or to communicate with a spirit. That’s why they go to psychics.
In conclusion, psychics could be dangerous but could also be harmless.
For example, if someone depends on psychics too much whenever they have to choose something very important or when it comes to deciding something or what you have to do in the future. If you believe in psychics too much, it will be harmful.