Student Essay – Psychics

By Student Hirokazu Mori from Japan
Psychics are people who have special potential or skills to read either the future or now or the past. Psycho is different from this. It means crazy. Psychics usually use tarot cards, palm reading, a crystal ball, tea leaves, automatic writing.
Secondly, Chakras. I had already known this world before I went to the lecture. There are a lot of chakras in Japanese comics. These comic are about Ninjas who use chakras, so I knew a lot.
There are 7 chakras in our body: 1. Crown, 2. Brow/third eye 3. Throat 4. Heart 5. Solar plexus 6. Sacra 7. Base/root. According to Wikipedia, Chakras are from Hindi in India. There are a lot of famous psychics: Nostradamus, John Edward, Doris Fisher etc…, but I don’t trust this kind of people, because no one can be sure about the future. According to Dion, there was a famous psychic in Japan. His name is Mikao Usui, he is the Reiki finder. Reiki is a Japanese word, it means soul and air. Finally we shouldn’t trust them too much because they sometimes think only about their business or profits. To go to them just for curiosity is best for our safety.