EC Malta Writing Work Shop: Student Essay by Lee Kumbi from Korea

Dear Victoria,
Thanks for your last letter. I think you really want to improve your writing skills and of course I’m glad to help you. Here are a few things you have to know to improve you writing skills.
First of all, you have to think about a why writing is important. Writing is a basic skill and form of communication. And also it is a major means of a academic assessment, as well as a means to convey ideas.
Secondly, a good piece of writing should be clear, simple to understand, accurate, complete and correct. So when you write something, you must pay attention to the following: spelling, capital letters, punctuation and grammar.
Thirdly, I would like to suggest that you ‘find your voice’. This means that your writing should be ordered and structured. Plus, you have to decide on the target reader.
The best advice I can give you, though, is to consider writing as a process not just a product. So if you follow this process: Focus—Brainstorm—Draft—Review and evaluate—Proof read and edit. You can write better. I hope these ideas will help. And remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t give up too easily! Write and let me know how you improve.
Best wishes