Student Essay by Kim Hyae Jun from Korea

Have you ever thought about how you can be blissfully happy? Nowadays, being happy in a harsh society is becoming difficult even for students, not only for adults. I would like to give you some advice as well as my support to cheer you guys up. First of all, I would like you to do some school activities in order to enjoy your school life. In my opinion, joining clubs or doing sports with friends are incredibly important to make friends and get on well with them. If you join them regularly, you will be getting to know people and feeling great. The other advice is being more sociable. It would be awesome to know a lot of friends at school. It can be hard for some people to be sociable. However, if you get to know them, your school life will be more blissful. For example, by doing homework together, and hearing about new and wonderful experiences that even you have not done. By doing these things it will help you develop relationships with people and could be very rewarding. I think if you consider these deeply, it can indeed be a blessing.