The Knights Of Malta

Written by Bourghelle Perrine from France In the 11th century, Pope Urban II launched the first fight for religion called crusade against the Muslims who controlled the holy place – Jerusalem. The Knights first appeared in 1343 and had to build their own hospice ‘the Monastery’ to protect and help p … Read more

Layers Of Malta

Photographic Exhibition by Vincenzo Castella: 20/10/2011-20/11/2011 The photographs of Vincenzo Castella are portraits of the landscape. The Malta project, carried out with the collaboration of Heritage Malta, includes also some shots which portray some of the most ancient and important archaeologic … Read more

The Malta International Choir Festival

03/11/2011-06/11/2011 The festival programme will take place mainly in Valletta and Floriana. The festival is made up of a competitive as well as a non  competitive parts.  There will be  a variety of performances in various locations including Valletta and Floriana. For more information please cont … Read more

An Impression Of a Walk in Amnesia

by Student Dahee Lee from Korea I read a short story for my reading class, the title is a ‘walk in amnesia’, written by O Henry. The hero of this story is Elwin.C who was a famous lawyer in the town. He was a hard worker and he had a beautiful wife who gave him a lot of assistance every day. His fri … Read more

An Impression of Sister Love

by Student Dahee Lee from Korea There are two sisters and they are very different. One of them is Marcia who has given us everything to take care of her father. She can’t get a job, make any friends, goes out except to church once a week. She meets a man in the church. They fall in love with each ot … Read more

When Tom Hanks Met Madonna

by student Sybille Brun from Switzerland Madonna has her second concert in America. It was a very cold and rainy day and only Tom Hanks was at her concert, near to the stage. Madonna was singing one of her famous songs and as she looked in the eyes of Tom Hanks she fell in love. After this song they … Read more