An Impression Of a Walk in Amnesia

by Student Dahee Lee from Korea

I read a short story for my reading class, the title is a ‘walk in amnesia’, written by O Henry.

The hero of this story is Elwin.C who was a famous lawyer in the town. He was a hard worker and he had a beautiful wife who gave him a lot of assistance every day. His friend, Doctor Volney, advised him that he needs to reduce his work and take a rest. If he doesn’t, he’ll get amnesia.

But he lost his memory of all his life. He didn’t even know his and his wife‘s name. According to this story, if someone works too hard it’s possible that he/she gets amnesia. But I don’t understand this situation. No matter how people are crazy about their work, they don’t forget their names. But sometimes, they don’t remember anything. For example; they don’t deal with a task that they have to do or they skip lunch. I think he needs to realize why he is working.

Perhaps, many people work to have a good life with their family. So, they have 2 take a rest and take care of themselves. Actually I don’t like having too much free time because it can make me lazy. But it’s necessary to have a break. It freshens me up, and helps me to keep working.