An Impression of Sister Love

by Student Dahee Lee from Korea

There are two sisters and they are very different. One of them is Marcia who has given us everything to take care of her father. She can’t get a job, make any friends, goes out except to church once a week. She meets a man in the church. They fall in love with each other.

The other sister is ten years younger than Marcia, who’s name is Karin. She works in a shop in the town. She is a very beautiful woman and has a nice body and a lot of boyfriends. She has everything. Unfortunately, Karin takes her sister’s boyfriend. Marcia starts doubting them and she sees that they are kissing with her own eyes. She is frustrated; she thinks this situation is because of her sister. Finally, she decides to kill her when she is on the roof sunbathing.

I think no other thing is as important as family in my life. I have an older sister who is more beautiful than me, and she is popular amongst men. Although my boyfriend falls in love with her I would never hate my sister. It’s just my mistake that I chose him as my boyfriend. He is bad, not because of her; in my opinion If Karin sincerely loves her sister’s boyfriend she should give him up for her sister. Also Marcia should accept or forgive them.