All about Scotland

By student Vanessa Coquard

Scotland is a very impressive country! The main cities are Edinburgh and Glasgow. Edinburgh is the capital with 500 000 inhabitants. We can find many famous universities. The city is divided into two parts: the old and the new town. There are many small mountains and lochs (lakes), the most famous one is the Lochness with the story of the “Loch Ness Monster” called Nessie. The Scots have a traditional costume: the Kilt! The costume is composed of a kilt, a jacket, a tie, garters, ghillie brogues and a sporin. They also have famous and amazing games like “tossing the caber” or “throwing the hammer”. Scottish like music and they have traditional music. The national bard is a song composed by Robert Barns (1759-1796). The national dish is a strange dish with sheep, heart, lungs, oats, onion and spices, served with neeps and potatoes. Whisky is the famous drink in Scotland. And I don’t know why but the Scots do not like the English! Amazing!