Hi everyone , my name is Radwan Merzouki and I am :
• 20 years old
• Student in an International Business School in France
• a Spanish-Moroccan-French citizen (I really own this 3 nationalities) and …
• An “Ex” EC Malta Intern !
I have made an internship at EC Malta from the 9th of May, 2011 to the 29th of May 2011. First of All … What is EC? EC is a prestigious international English school based in several cities in the world like St Julian (Malta), New York City & San Diego (U.S.A.), CapeTown (South Africa) and London (UK). The first EC school was established in Malta. EC welcomes student from all parts of the world, like Japan, Colombia, France, Switzerland, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Russia and Kazakhstan.
So… Why Should You Apply To Be An Intern At EC Malta ?
First, you have to know that working in EC means you work in a very big structure (worldly speaking), EC is a prestigious and a well known school, in a Curriculum Vitae, mentioning EC may make a difference. Then EC offers you, as for me, a fabulous work experience. I have worked in the Academic Year Coordinator department with Suzanne Wadge, and 5 minutes after my arrival at EC, I felt like I had responsibilities! I had to take a look at the Level tests, help to correct the copies, help to organize classes, bring the students to the classes according to their levels etc. Monday is a really long day, but, really enjoyable because I felt like I was an important part of the EC team (like they needed me). EC gives you plenty of different tasks: Imputing scores, helping Sue to organize different lectures, helping
at the Library, giving students information, updating meetings, updating the EC website etc. One of the main pleasant qualities is the social aspect, especially if you are friendly, open-minded, if you always smile and if you are nice. If you have a positive attitude, and if you are motivated to join a fabulous work team, then you have the key to make a great internship like I did! Being an intern at EC Malta gives you the opportunity to discover the Maltese culture, indeed, for me it was not only working, but it was a mix between holidays and work. Malta is a very small island and you can discover a lot of interesting things as I did. Furthermore, working at EC enhances your Curriculum Vitae, inasmuch as working at EC is already something prestigious. You are given plenty of different tasks which by time will make you more versatile! I hope I convinced you to carry out an internship at EC, mine was really great, and I hope you would enjoy yours as I did!

Radwan Merzouki