My experience of ‘Student Spotlight’ – Share your culture with others!

By Nelson Gomez from Colombia

I shared my passion for Capoeira. When I arrived in Malta I was always thinking to share my experience of Capoeira with other people. My level is Pre Intermediate and it was my first time speaking English in public. At the beginning of the lesson I had to speak about the capoeira’s history and then, I had to start the exercises. I like that experience because I started to use different tenses and times when I was speaking. This is very good if I want to improve my English taking into account that capoeira is my hobby, so I can learn English with a kind of fun. About 20 students came to Capoeira session and there was very good energy. Everybody had a great time! I like to share the culture because my speaking and my listening is better with this experience. The people told me they would like another lesson, so I continue training and I don’t miss my hobby here. So when I teach capoeira I feel good and I can share my culture with all the world. If you want to share something about your culture with others and practise your English, contact Sue Wadge (Academic Year Coordinator – in East 110 and she will help you organise your presentation in a fun way.