The Holiday of a Lifetime

by student Diana Rocio Aparicio Castillo from Colombia

My Christmas holiday was the best holiday ever. It was a sunny but cold Thursday morning. I woke up at 8am to take a shower and make my favorite breakfast, orange juice and scrambled eggs with mushrooms. The mixture of different smells can give you a lift to heaven right away. At 11 am, I was ready to go to the bus station. After 30 minutes the bus to the airport arrived. On my way to the airport, I couldn’t help being anxious, but at the time very happy. That was it, I could finally see him again, Camilo, my boyfriend. The last time I had seen him was a month ago, I was thrilled. After 90 minutes, I arrived to the airport; I was desperate to see him and hug him. In the minute I saw him I hugged him tightly, I didn’t want him to go again. That day we went to have a delightful and romantic dinner and I thought it was the best night of my life. Camilo stayed with me for one week, we went to know different places around Malta, our time together was awesome and unforgettable, but what made this holiday so special was one particular day. On December 29, we went to St. Georges Bay and as we were walking along the beach in the middle of the night, he stopped, went down on his knees and asked me to marry him. I said yes with tears in my eyes, because I understood that was the beginning of our family.