Psychic Powers …by Student Marcelo Costa Aguiar from Brazil

The lecture presented by Professor Dion Pizzuto was about the Psychics, persons who have psychic powers. A person who has, or appears to have extra-sensorial skills such as clairvoyance, precognition and telepathy, or what appears to be susceptible to influence paranormal or supernatural. Also a person can get in touch with the dead. The mediums may use different methods such as tarot cards, crystal ball, reading coffee grounds, palm reading and automatic writing. Dion also talked about the Chakras, and the Chakras are centres of psychic that are along the axis of the spine as consciousness potentials. The chakras are not materially real; they are in the energy body, aural or spiritual body. The human being has seven chakras and each one represents one type of operation, such as the heart chakra which represents love, hope, and compassion, balance of male and female. When the chakras are balanced, the person becomes mentally aware. Dion cited three famous Psychics are they that Nostradamus predicted world events that have come true, Doris Fisher Stokes, British psychic, famous psychic who helped raise the profile of spiritualism and promoted interest in psychic phenomena of the 20th century, and John Edwards, the famous psychic medium, author and speaker, helps people around the world with his TV show. Another important information of the talk was about the Psychic Healer, the person who has channels psychic energy towards alleviating the condition or healing the body in a holistic way. He helps others with their energy and different types of holistic therapies, aromatherapy and changes in nutritional diets. People seek the Psychics for curiosity, for entertainment, because they want to know about their future, or to communicate with dead people. We have to be careful because there are many mediums who just want to make money, they’re lying, or that go against ideas or opinions of medical doctors. We have to know how to use this kind of help and be conscious to evaluate and choose the right person. Certainly there are great mediums that do not charge for the service, or charge a proper way and spend their advice symbolically making people draw their conclusions.