The EC Malta Roof Top Garden Terrace

Article and Photos by Francis Dobbin

Summer is here and most people are thinking of how to cool down and take it easy in the Maltese Med. E.C. have just the ticket. Floor five has come alive. You can now study, relax and feel the breeze. Take your lunch to the next level or just sit in the sun and enjoy the roof garden. Comfy lounge lizard seating, tables and chairs, ideal for roof top lessons. Need a cool drink or a snack or a little social chat, then press 5 and see what you’re missing. Views of St Julian’s, and uninterrupted sunshine. So what are you waiting for, go to the next level and upgrade to the newly furnished roof garden. Level 5 on the elevator to the garden in the sky.

Transformation in progress - Manuel and Philippe hard at work with the new terrace furniture
Students enjoying a lesson