The Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul is celebrated in the town of Mdina in Malta. This feast marks an important event in the calendar of Maltese popular customs and traditions. It is a country harvest and folk festival as well as a religious holiday. It dates back even further than the arrival of the … Read more

26.06.2012 …ISLE OF MTV MALTA 2012…

The annual Isle of MTV music event in Malta is an MTV Networks International (MTVNI) production. A world class line up of artistes will play in a free live concert on the Granaries in Floriana in front of a crowd which annually tops the 50,000 mark. Once again this promises to be one of the summer’s … Read more

How you or your community can save our Earth

An article by EC student Younghye Lim from Korea Nowadays, our earth is getting warm so many iceberg is melting and ozone layer is destroyed a lot. That is a really big issue in the world. There are several solutions that our community can save our earth. First and foremost, the government makes peo … Read more

EC Malta Student Testimonial… Salvatore Palmieri

Salvatore Palmieri says… “I chose to stay in Malta seven weeks; the choice of EC School has been random because I have decided to leave very suddenly. I’m happy with my choice because I like the school’s teaching method that allows me to speak continually English during the lessons. In Malta I live … Read more

EC Malta Student Love Story

T-shirts n.168 – “Comino by Night” by Umberto Pigioni Here I painted the meeting with Nadia, my wife now, who I met during the boat trip in Comino island (Malta). How can I explain this cruise to the people who didn’t go? It was great, romantic, and very fun! An experience I& … Read more

SETTE GIUGNO 2012… Public Holiday

On 7th June every year, Malta commemorates the tragic events of 07.06.1919 known as the ‘Sette Giugno’. This is in remembrance of the riots of 1919 when the Maltese people revolted against the British administration and demanded some form of representative government for the island. Four … Read more

EC Malta Student Testimonial by Johee Lim from Korea

Johee Lim from Korea says… “My whole course is for 1 year. I think Malta is very special place to study English to be honest. You can study everywhere, however you can contact to many friends who are from different country in Malta. After some time, you could recognise totally different accent and s … Read more