How you or your community can save our Earth

An article by EC student Younghye Lim from Korea

Nowadays, our earth is getting warm so many iceberg is melting and ozone layer is destroyed a lot. That is a really big issue in the world. There are several solutions that our community can save our earth.
First and foremost, the government makes people to increase using of public transport instead of riding their car. Nowadays, the expense of public transport is increasing rapidly in Korea. Therefore many people prefer riding their car to using public transport. The government have to decrease the expense of public transport and confer a benefit on people who follow no-driving car one day per week. Last but not least, the government try to make an alternative energy. Neither does Korea produce oil nor does Korea produce petroleum. Thus, we have to invest producing an alternative energy by using the sun, the air, the carbon dioxide. In Germany, they made electric cars a few years ago. Therefore Hyundai and Kia companies try to make hybrid cars for the earth. Finally, the politicians make a law that limit the operating time of factories. Also they tighten regulations of the law. In my opinion, the present law is very weak for factory’s chief, so the chief pays a fine very little and breaks the law again. The court has to sentence an actual prison for them. In conclusion, the government and the big companies make an effort to save the earth and prevent global warming. Also each of us try to save the earth for our children.