You can’t always control events in your life but you can control how you think and feel about them. You can choose to think positively about them or otherwise. YOU CHOOSE – and what you feed your mind can change a lot. It’s very powerful! Remember ‘positivity attracts positivity’ in the same way that ‘negativity attracts negativity’. If you are kind, nice and helpful to people, you can expect the same treatment back. Whereas, if you are rude and unkind to people then people will not respect you and avoid you. Being positive doesn’t mean nothing bad will happen (impossible in this world right!). It means when something bad happens you, try to think of how to turn it into something good or at least better and when everything is running smoothly appreciate it! What and how you see yourself with your surroundings and others make a difference to your thinking. You are usually visualising or imagining something at every waking hour. Don’t put yourself down by imagining others are better than you – they are humans just like you, with their fair share of problems and mishaps. Stop each time you catch yourself brooding about negativity and divert your thoughts. Make a decision to take control over your own thinking and attitude, instead of letting your mind control you. That means deciding to conquer the negativity that is going on around you. Think of what you can do today and how you will react that will make a difference to your life instead of allowing people and situations to dictate. Avoid people who sap your energy and motivation. If you can’t avoid them, or don’t want to, learn how not to let them get you down. Start saying positive things especially about yourself to yourself. How you communicate to yourself affects your thinking and your emotions, as well as your self-esteem. Try new things. Experiencing life in a positive light will work wonders. Something as simple as trying the mussels in a restaurant can lead to new tastes and different sensations. Lastly, but surely, stop procrastinating. Start training your brain to think positive TODAY. Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can comfortably do today.