EC Malta Student Testimonial by Jorge Andres Moreno from Colombia

I would recommend EC Malta because it’s a place where I can find everything I need to improve my English and also I find an excellent atmosphere to feel comfortable been far from my country, it’s like a second home. What I really like about EC Malta is that they care about the students; they are always ready to help you. The school has a friendly staff, their classrooms are well equipped, and have a perfect allocation. The course let me improve my English with wonderful teachers, in an enjoyable class and I learn while I have a good time. I have the chance to choose between General English or Intensive course depending on my need. My favourite hang out in Malta is enjoying my free time with my friends from all around the world, visiting different places like museums and beaches. For me its really amazing the welcome dinner and the welcome drinks because there are spaces where I can meet new friends out of the classrooms while I have fun, also I enjoy different activities that EC Malta schedule for the students to let us travel around Malta, and enjoy this magnificent country. I advise all the other students to enjoy this opportunity that is unique in life, you won’t only learn English, you also can visit a wonderful country and get friends around the world allowing you to experience different cultures.