Earth Day Essay by EC Malta Student Marcelo Costa Aguiar from Brazil

During the lecture we listened to a very important issue for the whole human race, which is Earth Day. Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22, was chosen by the United Nations and celebrated in over than 175 countries. The Earth Day serves to evaluate and think about why and how to preserve our beloved planet, our home.
On our Planet Earth we have everything we need, water rainfall abundant, plants, vegetables, fruits from nature, light, heat from the sun, and we have the air that keeps us alive.
However all this that the planet gives us might end up and it can happen very quickly if we do not take proper care.
Man is quickly destroying everything that was given free of charge through the smoke of industrial pollution, river pollution, nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants, deforestation, pollution from cars and planes and more.
Earth Day has grown increasingly around the world to create awareness of all the problems and what can we do about it.
What world population can do about it is simple. If each of us helps a little, everything can become easier. We can help in several ways, for example, electrical energy saving, changing light bulbs for economic lamps, not wasting energy with connected devices which are unnecessary, saving water by taking shorter showers, not giving long discharges in the toilet, using recycled paper, natural fibers for clothes, using recyclable batteries, using alternative means of public transport, bicycles, electric cars, carrying out the selective collection of garbage and their derivatives, not using plastic bags but returnable or recyclable, and etc… There are many ways each help save and improve the planet we live on.
Earth Day came to help and we can help organize Earth Day and disseminating the best possible way for our network of friends.