EC Malta Student essay on Fitness by Younghye Lim from Korea

Nowadays, a great proportion of people are too busy to take care of their health. There are so many excuses, however, were people to change their minds, their health would be much better than before. We can improve our physical fitness by doing exercise and physical activity. First and foremost, we have to exercise at least 30 minutes a day, five times a week. In addition, we should do regular practice in exercising. Exercising makes us reduce heart and coronary disease. Moreover, that can help us reduce stress and promote good sleep. There are two kinds of exercising which are aerobic exercising and anaerobic exercising. Aerobic exercising requires oxygen such as running, cycling and swimming. Anaerobic exercising does not require oxygen such as yoga and Pilates. Before starting any form of exercising, we should warm up, which makes us raise the heart slowly, to prevent injuries during exercising and stretching. Last but not least, we should eat a good mix of grains, fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products. These days it is a known fact that more and more people enjoy eating junk food which can lead to diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease, and liver failure. This is the same pattern of teenagers and children. To sum up, the bulk of the people have to take in protein such as fish, nuts, chickpeas, yoghurt, cheese, lentils, beans, poultry, meat and split peas. From my personal standpoint, having exercising and various vitamin, we can keep our body in good condition.