Study English At EC Malta

“So why should I come to EC Malta to study English?” he asks.

It’s a good question, even though I’m not entirely sure whether what he wants to know is why come to Malta, or why come to EC. After all, there are hundreds of other countries he could visit, and probably millions of language schools around the world to choose from.

Either way though, it’s a good question. And like most good questions, it has a relatively simple answer, whichever meaning you go for.

I mean, as far as Malta is concerned, I could wax lyrical about the weather, the friendliness of the locals, the fascinating sights and all that kind of thing for hours, but I’m neither a travel agent nor a tour operator, so I don’t think I could do it justice. And as for EC… well, again, I could bang on forever about awards and professionalism and reputation, but, again, I won’t. Partly because EC sees that as a standard that any self-respecting language school should aim for, but mainly because it’s not the simple answer…

So why study English at EC Malta? The simple answer is…

… because you belong. You become a part of it.

The sense of belonging – of being part of something great – is what has kept me in Malta for thirty-four years, and what has kept me working at EC for thirteen. It’s what keeps students coming back, again and again, year after year. Because when you feel you belong to something, you take a part of it with you when you leave. It’s important to you, and it matters. And when something becomes important to you, you try harder to make it work. The harder you try, the more you achieve, and the more you achieve, the happier you are and the better you become. And of course, the better you become… the harder you try again. And so on and so forth.

And that’s what is important to us. That’s what matters to us. Because that, after all, is what learning English is all about.

So why should you come to EC Malta to study English?

It’s a good question, and like most good questions, the answer is really very simple.

Blog written by Teacher Danny Coleiro